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Seniors Look Toward Graduation Future

Graduation happens every year, and every year it takes UofA students by surprise.

Things to Do in a Ghost Town

As finals week comes to a close, campus gets quiet and traffic dies down. Students leave to visit family, start internships or even begin their post-graduation lives. Just because Fayetteville is temporarily not overrun with college students does not mean that the city goes anywhere. There’s plenty to do in this ghost town.

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A Savory Farewell: This year’s bottom bun

Greetings, readers. It’s been quite a while since I’ve addressed you directly. Having successfully avoided this type of column since my first issue as Editor-in-Chief and only now following up with another in my last I can officially say that this year’s Traveler sandwich has been devoured. It’s been delicious. While you’re licking the crumbs off your fingers I would like to offer you some post-meal analysis. 

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Dre Greenlaw National Signing Day Video

Filmed by Dittoe Public Relations as part of USA Football's National Signing Day Breakfast as part of the 2015 International Bowl