The sandwich: It’s a filling, inexpensive and delicious option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For students, it’s one of our favorite choices when it comes to quick and easy food that’s available almost anywhere on campus.

When it comes to getting a meal in between class or around Fayetteville, the sandwich offers students a tasty meal option without having to shell out the big bucks. And in a town that has hundreds of options when it comes to grilled cheese, paninis and deli specialties, it only seemed necessary to scope out the best ones in town.


Hammontrees — Cheebacca 

326 N. West Ave. #8, Fayetteville 

Hammontrees, located on West Avenue, just a few short steps from campus off Dickson Street, offers speciality and one-of-a-kind sandwiches in a fun and eclectic atmosphere. Try getting a sandwich on a weekend afternoon or a weekday at lunchtime, and you may be in for a wait.

This place is packed, and for good reason, too. Hammontrees caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians, with plenty of options like hot dogs, sweet potato Gouda fries and their famous grilled cheese sandwiches. But I already knew what I wanted before I walked in the door.

After doing a little research, I took the short walk down after class one afternoon and ordered myself the Cheebacca, a barbecue-lovers haven of flavor. Pulled pork, bacon, grilled onions and both a house and sharp white cheddar cheese, piled high on fresh sourdough and slathered with a tangy garlic cilantro sauce. There you have it — the Cheebacca has arrived.

This sandwich is serious when it comes to flavor — juicy pulled pork, smoky bacon and melted cheese. What could be better? The garlic cilantro sauce offers a burst of freshness, while the sourdough is both chewy yet moist — just how it should be. Make it a half-sandwich with an order of their french onion soup, and you have one of the best lunches in northwest Arkansas for under $10.

At around $6 for any of their grilled cheese choices, Hammontrees will have you coming back to try all of their delicious menu options. For something different than a regular deli sandwich, Hammontrees is the place to go for a hot panini guaranteed to be delicious.


Geraldi’s — Chicken Parmesan

20 S. University Ave., Fayetteville

I took my first trip to Geraldi’s this week with some friends, and let’s just say it was so good that we returned the very next day for more home-cooked Italian. Geraldi’s, located close to Dickson Street and campus, offers some of the best traditional-style pizza and pasta, not to mention their killer garlic bread.

But I wasn’t here to sample pizza toppings or pesto pasta; I was getting the chicken Parmesan sandwich. Recommended by our friendly server, the chicken parm comes on none other than the buttery garlic bread served as an appetizer. Talk about real Italian flavor. The chicken breast, which came breaded and covered in a sweet, rustic marinara sauce, was cooked perfectly and more than enough to be shared between two people. Add the melted cheese, and you have a great sandwich, all for around $8. Now, that’s hard to beat.

Geraldi’s offers a variety of Italian favorites, so skip the chain meatball sub and head off campus for a true Italian treat.


Green Submarine — Don Mega

3315 W. Wedington Drive, Fayetteville

Green Submarine is one of the most-recommended deli sandwich restaurants in Fayetteville, and for those of us who have visited, it’s easy to understand why. Located on Wedington, it may not be the easiest place to find, but it’s worth the search. For a mere $5.99, their half-sandwich is more than enough for lunch or dinner.

I had the chance to try the Tuscan Turkey Melt, the Chipotle Pork and the Don Mega, and although all three were awesome, the Don Mega was by far one of the best cold subs in town. A simple white sub packed high with salami, ham, pepperoni, provolone and veggies including cherry peppers, lettuce and tomato, Green Submarine offers both unique specialty sandwiches and classic favorites.

With a price that’s hard to best for a delicious and filling sandwich, I highly recommend taking the trip down Wedington to try one of the many subs that Green Submarine offers.


Richard’s Meat Market — Deli Sandwich

3042 N. Market Ave., Fayetteville

Richard’s is a rather nontraditional option for grabbing a quick lunch around town, but it offers a great deli sandwich nonetheless. A meat market that offers hand-cut steaks, fresh ground meat and a variety of fresh fish, the locally owned business also houses an extensive deli and lunch option.

For an unbeatable $2.59, Richards offers a deli deal on any of their meats and cheeses loaded onto homemade bread with fresh-cut vegetables. For pocket change, try a buffalo chicken with smoked cheddar or roast beef and provolone. The possibilities are endless, and for such a price, it’s a possibility to try them all.

The bread is baked fresh daily, and boy, is it good. Add your favorite meat and cheese, tomato, pickle, lettuce and your favorite condiment, and you’re walking out of the door with a full lunch for less than a gallon of gas. It’s a deal you simply can’t pass up.

With so many possibilities for a great sandwich in Fayetteville, it’s time to skip the cafeteria lunch and scope out some of the great local restaurants in town. You may be surprised at some of the fantastic flavors you find.

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