Tailgating Recipes

Grilled Banana Split Sundae (courtesy of grilling.com)

Tailgating is one of the greatest experiences you will have from going to a university in the South, because you really get to live fully the college football experience. Tailgating you will  meet a great deal of people, have fun, and best of all eat delicious food that is probably banned by the American Heart Association. Anyway, here at the traveler we are committed to your happiness and we seize the web for the best of the best. Following we are going to give you a few good simple tailgating recipes for you to enjoy on game day.

This is a super easy and tasty version of the classic sandwich. Just wrap the bacon to the hamburger patty and throw it at the grill. It has hardly any prep time and you will look like a tailgating pro when you serve this to your friends. Don’t forget the lettuce and tomato!


There is something about this little meat skewers that nobody can resist, may be is the fact you don’t even need plates making this the perfect food to eat outdoors.  This one needs a little bit more of time to produce but will give you excellent results. The night before place in a Ziploc or plastic container the beef sirloin and let it marinating in the refrigerator in a mixture of olive oil, salt, pepper, Worcestershire and soy sauce, the next day thread the marinated beef with bell pepper, onion and corn in the skewers, place them at the grill for around 15 minutes, and be sure to turn them around every few minutes to cook them thoroughly. According to Delish.com where we found this last two recipes using 1 ½ pound of beef you will be able to feed four.


Every meal is better when it ends with desert, we found one at grilling.com that you can replicate in your own bbq. Slice a banana lengthwise and leave the skin on, place them at the grill for three to five minutes flipping them often. Drizzle them with honey and brown sugar, and leave them to caramelize for five more minutes. Serve them in a bowl with a big scoop of your favorite ice cream.


Accompany all your new recipes with this colorful and refreshing beverage that is suitable for all ages. The recipe from the-socialites-closet.com tell us that you will need to make one drink all of the following: ½ cup of raspberries, ½ cup of ginger ale, ½ cup of water, ½ cup of lime juice, 1/8 of sugar and mint leaves to garnish. You will mash the raspberries, whisk with the water, add the lime juice, the sugar and the ginger ale and blend until everything is mixed. Serve over ice and ad the mint leaves.

Pinterest is a great source to gather more tailgating recipes, but don’t be afraid to create your own.


Send us your game day recipes!

You can send us your pictures of your tailgating creations at travpoll@uark.edu and we will publish them through the football season.

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