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Study Methods Evolve Past High School, Students Say

In high school, chemistry was his most challenging subject. The material was difficult to understand, but he could manage by studying only when he had a test. Now as a freshman in college, he can no longer sit down with the material the night before. In order to thrive in all his college courses, he and other freshman had to change their study habits significantly.

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Study Methods Evolve Past High School, Students Say

In high school, chemistry was his most challenging subject. The material was difficult to understand, but he could manage by studying only when he had a test. Now as a freshman in college, he can no longer sit down with the material the night before. In order to thrive in all his college courses, he and other freshman had to change their study habits significantly.

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“The Director” Reflects #MeToo Movement

As the antagonist is never mentioned by name, nor hinted at with film titles, “The Director: a memoir” is not a revenge story. It is also not an uncommonly heard story as of recent months.

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“Avengers: Infinity War” Meets Fan Expectations

“Avengers: Infinity War” is what audiences and Hollywood have been holding their breath for: the moment, when a decade of storytelling and pop culture dominance comes to a full, mighty fruition. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved nothing short of phenomenon status these last several years, exploding the popularity of a genre and pumping much-needed life (and dollars) back into the film industry. After 10 years of world-building and nurturing of an extended universe the likes of which we haven’t ever experienced in modern cinema, “Avengers: Infinity War” serves as the valiant payoff for the franchise.

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Unique Fayetteville Pinball Bar Evokes Nostalgia

When walking down the dimly lit stairs of the almost hidden red door next to Hugo’s, one might not expect to enter a basement bar, reminiscent of an upscale lounge, filled with arcade games and nostalgia. But that’s exactly what a Fayetteville resident and UA alumnus achieved by cultivating a one-of-a-kind pinball bar located off of the Fayetteville Historic Square. The bar is set to open May 3.

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“Beautiful” Lives Up to Title

“Beautiful: the Carole King Musical” is full-circle.

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“I Feel Pretty” Defies Expectations

The mid-range, theatrically released comedy is rare these days in the Hollywood landscape. In an age of superheroes and live-action fantasy blockbusters, there is little room for films with a modest price tag. Comedies in particular seem to be in a dry season at the box office, with many failing to bring enough attention to justify a theatrical release (as opposed to the ever-looming straight-to-streaming model Netflix is threatening the major studios with).

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Student Shares American Idol Experience

“American Idol” has made its way back to television, which brings back vivid memories for a UA student who went through the audition process only two years ago.

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News, Entertainment Podcasts Popular Among Students

Ranging from topics like true crime to celebrity news, podcasts or iPhone broadcasts are free, easy-to-produce audio shows that are becoming increasingly popular among students.

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Tuba Quartet Creates Rich, Unforgettable Music

Clustered together on the center of the stage, four men take their positions. Their instruments resemble metal bouquets under their arms, the bell-ends flaring toward the ceiling, glossy and bright under the lights of the Faulkner Performing Arts Center. They had only just come back from a 600-mile-tour late Saturday night, but no audience member was able to tell as they started to play.

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Unique Jason Mecier Exhibit On Display in Arkansas Union

The University Programs is hosting an exhibit for fantastic works from Jason Mecier’s art collection at the Anne Kittrell Art Gallery until April 30. It is located on the fourth floor of the Union and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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The Body Project Promotes Positive Self Image

It was a problem she didn’t realize she had. In high school, she downloaded a calorie counter app with a friend to manage what they ate. She would compare herself to others, how her body looked different than models with long, tan legs and smooth skin, their stomachs flat and tight. When she went to the store she would see images of airbrushed women in precarious poses plastered across posters or in advertisements. She, and other women her age, had grown up believing that this was what the “perfect woman" looked like, but that wasn’t true.

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“Rampage” Both Ridiculous, Bearable

Dwayne Johnson just doesn’t slow down. Since 2016, he has appeared in six films, most of them blockbusters, with a seventh on the way in July. Audiences saw him only a few months ago in Sony’s surprise smash “Jumanji,” which shattered records for the studio to become its all-time highest-grossing domestic release.

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Lil Dicky, Galantis and Bleachers to Headline Springtime of Youth

Students can expect flashing lights, food trucks, local art and an electronic beat blasting from center stage at this year’s Springtime of Youth music festival, taking place April 28 at the Washington County Fairgrounds where Lil Dicky, Galantis and Bleachers will be performing.

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“A Series of Unfortunate Events” Achieves Successfully Miserable Plot

Dark, hopeless and overflowing with irresistibly unique humor are words that could summarize the second season of “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” which premiered on Netflix March 30.

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Fayetteville Dunkin’ Donuts Closed

The Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant, previously located at 1855 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., closed its doors April 6.

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Restaurant Patios Thrive in Fayetteville

As springtime settles in, students might find themselves flocking to outdoor sections of Fayetteville restaurants for delicious cocktails and relaxed environments.

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Tracking Health Trends: Wearable Technology Aids Wellness

With the arrival of a new text message, the screen of the Apple Watch glows softly and gives a faint tap on the user’s wrist.

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Outdoor Trails Enhance Local Workout Experience

Whether students prefer crunching gravel or smooth pavement, tree-covered paths or artwork-dotted roads, a clearly defined loop or intersecting routes, there are plenty of fitness trails in Fayetteville for individuals to choose from, students said.

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“A Quiet Place” Makes Cinematic Noise

We’ve got another high-brow horror smash hit on our hands. Following in the footsteps of previous trendsetters “The Conjuring,” “Get Out,” and “It,” “A Quiet Place” roared into cinemas this weekend, sticking every possible landing.

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Keeping Up An Image: Social Media Contributes to Self Doubt, Students Say

In a society surrounded by social media, some students face the constant pressure of comparing themselves to other accounts found on their apps or wanting to portray themselves in a certain way.

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Clothing Company Works Toward Goal

New clothing will soon fill Bearded Goat Apparel, the shop on Dickson Street has been steadily developing since their opening in November 2017, while receiving advertising help from a UA marketing class.

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“Man of La Mancha” Delights Audience at Opening Night

“Man of La Mancha” charmed audiences last night at the Fine Arts Center with whimsical music and a lively cast. The entertaining plot and great music left the audience with a smile on their faces.  

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“Ready Player One” Kicks Off Spring Slate

Legendary director Steven Spielberg returned for his second film in four months with Warner Bros.’ “Ready Player One.” At the cusp of what promises to be a delightfully crowded summer movie season, he has given us an adaptation of Ernist Cline’s 2011 dystopian best selling novel of the same name.

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Instagram Followings Create Opportunity, Cause Pressure

As the popularity and versatility of Instagram rises, so does the number of followers that avid users receive. Some students at the UofA have taken advantage of their continually growing following by partnering with companies to promote and sell their products.

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Editing Apps Improve Smartphone Photo Quality

With iPhone photo-editing apps like Instagram, VSCO and Huji Cam becoming increasingly popular, college students can feel like professional photographers simply by owning a smartphone.

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