Did you wake up this morning to find the world had collapsed at your feet?

If your morning was anything like mine, you did not awake in ruins.

If your morning was anything like mine you awoke to a very confused nation, a very happy nation, a very sad nation, a very divided nation.

This morning you awoke to a new leader of the free world. This morning you awoke to a manifold of headlines questioning the future of America now that we have been placed in new hands.

Regardless of who claimed the Oval Office as their own this morning, America still remains.

This morning seems like a wonderful time to reflect on why America is, and will always be, great.

You woke up this morning to a human you had the privilege of electing. Each and every one of us who participated in this election had a hand in its outcome.

You woke up this morning in a country that has more libraries than McDonald’s. A country with a hospital dedicated to curing children of cancer that is funded completely by donations. A country where 44 percent of the population owns a dog, and 1.4 million of those dogs are rescued from animal shelters, according to St. Jude’s and the Humane Society of America, respectively.

You woke up a college student this morning. Sitting over your black coffee, sleepily studying the content emanating from your laptop screen, you woke up a college student. By virtue of being here, you’re rare. Roughly 32 percent of Americans have college degrees, according to research commissioned by UCLA, which puts you in a position for success just by waking up.   

You went to class this morning on a campus so dedicated to its students that it engraves its graduates names in stone. A campus where students feel compelled to Call the Hogs in the middle of the day just because.

You awoke to a university that prides itself on the uniqueness of its students and encourages us to be steadfastly uncommon.

This morning America changed just as America has changed every four years since 1789.

Change is scary, but I can’t recall this country being one to shy away from something simply because it is new to us. As I recall, this country pursues change – we affect change.

We don’t shy away from a challenge when the going gets tough, and we don’t hesitate just because we are afraid of what lies ahead. America is headstrong. America is passionate.

Our country was made different this morning, yet we did not fall apart. America was placed on the shoulders of someone new this morning, yet they did not falter.

This morning you awoke to the greatest country on earth, and you have the privilege of calling it home.


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