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Republican Senator Re-Elected

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Bill Ackerman

Bill Ackerman, Washington County election chairman, hands out early-voting summary reports for the general election Tuesday night.

The state’s incumbent Republican senator will serve his second term in the U.S. Capitol following Tuesday’s election results.

John Boozman, a long-time Arkansas resident and politician, was first sworn in as senator in January 2011 and will represent the state for the next six years.

“The people of Arkansas spoke overwhelming tonight,” said Chris Caldwell, Boozman’s campaign manager. “They were able to say that they want John Boozman to represent the conservative message as he has these last six years.”

Boozman won in Washington County with 53.3 percent and 42,004 votes of the preliminary tally.

“I’m very excited,” said Sydney Combs, College Republican president. “I think he will do his job as he has been.”

During Boozman’s race for Senate, the UA College Republicans worked alongside the campaign, Combs said.

“We worked events, handed out flyers and door-knocked for him,” Combs said.

During his campaign for Senate, Boozman traveled to all 75 counties in Arkansas and talked to residents about his main issues: jobs, the economy and national security, Caldwell said.

“He understands the problems Arkansans and Americans are facing,” Caldwell said. “When he traveled, he met with different people and talked to them about what he believes in.”

Other issues Boozman focused on during his campaign were agriculture, reforming health care, immigration, second amendment rights and veteran affairs, Caldwell said.

Throughout the campaign, Caldwell said both Boozman and himself were not nervous about the election because he represented the majority of residents in Arkansas.

“He’s been a vocal fighter for business owners and veterans,” Caldwell said. “He represents Arkansas’ conservative values and fights for them in the Senate.”

Rachele Moline, president of the UA Young Democrats, said she is disappointed with the Senate election results.

“I am very disappointed,” Moline said. “But I know that we ran an amazing campaign, and I am so proud of all the work that was put into this Senate race.”

Boozman was raised in Fort Smith and played for the Razorbacks during his time at the UofA before going on to graduate from the Southern College of Optometry, Caldwell said.

“Before he got the call to serve the people of Arkansas, he started his own business, which makes him know the struggles business owners in Arkansas face and how important they are to the economy,” Caldwell said.

After graduation, Boozman and his brother co-founded a family business named Boozman-Hof Regional Eye Clinic, which later became a major eye-care provider in Northwest Arkansas, according to Boozman’s website.

Prior to the Senate, Boozman served in the House of Representatives from 2001 to 2011, according to his website.

While his experiences in government help Boozman, it is his views and ideals that represent and make Arkansas known in the Senate, Caldwell said.

His experience in both the private and public sector that makes Boozman a great senator, said College Republican Secretary Jesse Kloss.

Caldwell agrees and said Boozman represents the American Dream.

“He knows first hand how to fight for the little guy,” Caldwell said. “His number one priority is to protect the citizens of both Arkansas and the U.S.”

When Boozman was elected as senator, he set up seven offices across the state with the idea that every Arkansan “would only be an hour away at most” to be able to meet with Boozman’s staff, Caldwell said.

“Over 19,430 people have reached out and have been helped since he was elected,” Caldwell said. “Our motto, his motto, is that we use the power of this office for the good of the people of Arkansas.”


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