Rep. Steve Womack won the race to represent Arkansas’ Congressional Third District.


The Republican incumbent won the third congressional district race in Arkansas Tuesday, leading to his fourth term representing the district.

Rep. Steve Womack was first elected in 2010, according to records on the Arkansas Secretary of State website. He was previously the mayor of Rogers, according to his website.

The third congressional district that Womack represents consists of parts of 10 different counties in Northwest Arkansas. The district has been represented by Republicans since 1966.

Womack won with 71.2 percent of the preliminary vote with 53,462 of the votes in Washington County. There were 80,256 voters who participated in the county election with 62.8 percent voter turnout, according to preliminary results.

“I’ve been betting on Womack for years,” County Judge-Elect Joseph Wood said. “I think part of Northwest Arkansas’ growth and development is partly because of Steve Womack.”

Womack focused on jobs and the economy, national security and retaining a conservative balance of justices in the Supreme Court in this election, said Claire Burghoff, a campaign spokesperson.

“I voted for Congressman Womack,” said Lance Johnson, chairman of the Republican Committee in Washington County. “The congressman and I have been friends for some time and I’m going to vote for Steve Womack for as long as he runs for that office.”

Womack had a single challenger in this race – Libertarian Steve Isaacson. Womack has only been challenged by third-party candidates since his first congressional victory in 2010. The Democratic Party has not supported a candidate in the district since then, as nobody has volunteered, said HL Moody, the Arkansas Democratic Party communications director.   Womack was the expected winner of political reports from the University of Virginia Center for Politics, the Cook Political Report and the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report.

Womack was initially challenged by Libertarian Nathan LaFrance who was later replaced by Isaacson at a special nominating convention in January after LaFrance took a job out of the state, according to a press release by the Libertarian Party of Arkansas.

Isaacson sought to challenge Womack because he believed that constituents, especially veterans, were not able to reach Womack. Both Womack and Isaacson are veterans. Isaacson focused on veterans’ issues, medical marijuana and abolishing federal income tax, Isaacson said. Isaacson had not indicated whether he would run in a future election at press time.

Womack’s run was supported in part by the UA College Republicans chapter. Volunteers from College Republicans participated in canvassing across the district, President Sydney Combs said.

Rachel Moline, the interim president of Young Democrats  said that she hopes a Democrat will run for the seat in a future election. The organization supported neither Womack nor Isaacson in the election.

“I still think he’s the best person to represent the third district in Washington,” Johnson said.  

 Sports Designer Alex Nicoll contributed to this report.

Alex Nicoll was the editor-in-chief of the Arkansas Traveler from 2017-2019. Before that, Alex was a sport designer, and he wrote stories for the news, lifestyles and sports sections.

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