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To prepare for the most romantic weekend of the year, this week’s new music showcases an arsenal of renewed classics, romantic ballads and soulful exposés just in time for Valentine’s Day.

For those looking to revisit classic love songs, Taylor Swift will do you one better. Swift dropped her re-recorded smash hit “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” on Friday, the first single from her upcoming re-record of her 2008 album “Fearless.” The song remains on-par with the original, and I can’t help but reminisce on my adolescence and get swept up in the grandeur and romance of this timeless classic.

Extremely on-brand for the weekend, indie-rock band Sir Sly released “Loverboy,” a sappy exposition between two adoring lovers. The rhythmic beats and glittering accents pair perfectly with the honest lyrics: “I can’t be your everything / But I wanna be your loverboy, your loverboy.” The song is a sweet love letter to a significant other — perfect for Sunday’s occasion.

Pop-rock band COIN’s newest single “Sagittarius Superstar (feat. Faye Webster)” showcases a simplistic yet tender duet between lead singer Chase Lawrence and Webster. While the song lacks profound lyrics, it makes it up to listeners with the dreamy and melodious synths, making the song a sweet staple for my Valentine’s weekend.

R&B singer Pink Sweat$, also known as David Bowden, released his debut studio album “PINK PLANET” on Friday. The 16-track album, complete with two bonus tracks, is a creative and honest exploration of Bowden’s subconscious, providing something enjoyable for everyone. Notable tracks from the love-centered album include “PINK CITY,” “Heaven” and “PINK MONEY.” Fall in love with any of the 18 tracks during this romantic weekend, which coincidentally lines up with Bowden’s birthday on Valentine’s Day.

For the country music lovers out there, Florida Georgia Line has a proper Valentine’s Day track for you. “Always Gonna Love You,” a heartfelt ballad to a lover comes from the country duo’s newest album “Life Rolls On,” which dropped Friday. A sweet addition to any Valentine’s playlists, the catchy, twangy tune highlights the sentimental lyrics: “When the sun burns out and the cows come home / from now ‘til forever something you can count on is / I, I, I, I, I, I’m always gonna love you.”

Whether you plan on spending the romantic holiday with a partner, a group of friends or alone, this week’s new music has got you covered. If all else fails, listening to Swift’s “Love Story” is never a bad decision.

Hanna Ellington is an assistant editor for the Arkansas Traveler.

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