Two Students Share Comedy, Friendship Through Podcasting

Heath Anderson (left) and James Singleton (right), both sophomores, discuss ideas Nov. 4 for their next podcast.

This semester, two sophomores started an off-the-wall, off-script podcast to demonstrate the rapport they have built throughout their lifelong friendship. 

The Podcast, “The Man, The Dude, and The Guest,” started out as a class project for Heath Anderson, who plays “The Man,” while his friend James Singleton plays “The Dude.”

After they started work on the podcast, it quickly became a passion project for the two friends because it allowed them to have an expressive outlet where they could be themselves for the entire world to hear, Anderson said.

The podcast received 50 downloads after its first episode, and the most highly downloaded episode garnered 70 downloads, factoring into an all-time total of 350 downloads.

Although Anderson and Singleton had already wanted to start a podcast, the show also counts for credit in Anderson’s podcasting class, though Singleton is not enrolled in the course, Singleton said.

“There have been people that we have introduced it to that have listened, and they’re like, ‘that’s awesome,’” Singleton said.

Mackenzie Shelby, a sophomore, has been a fan of the podcast since Anderson and Singleton started uploading, she said.

“I listen to a lot of podcasts when I’m walking to class,” Shelby said. “I just think it’s really cool that I can listen to one that’s my friends.”

Shelby thinks the charm of the podcast comes from its lack of structure and off-script feel, she said. 

Anderson and Singleton upload their podcasts to a website called Transistor, for which they pay $20 monthly, where the podcasts are then sent to platforms like Apple and Spotify.

Drawing off of their long-time friendship, Anderson and Singleton think their comedic personalities fit in a world of podcasts that features entertaining people.

“I was thinking, ‘why not record this and put this out for the world,’ and so the idea definitely just came from our friendship and wanting to have conversations with different people,” Anderson said.

Though Singleton was skeptical in the beginning because he had never run a podcast. He realized he liked it after the first episode gained what he thought was a good following, he said.

“We’ve just got so much great comedic chemistry with each other,” Singleton said. “We are good at making other people laugh, so it works out pretty well.” 

The general reception for the podcast has been good, garnering positive reviews on Apple Podcasts.

“I want to say that we have questions lined up, but we really don't,” Anderson said. “We really just kind of go for it.”

When Anderson and Singleton have questions lined up, they like to ask off-topic questions similar to the way Dan Le Batard and Joe Rogan do on their podcasts, Anderson said.

When the semester comes to an end, Anderson still plans on making the podcast with Singleton, he said.

As the podcast continues to grow, Anderson and Singleton have plenty of new guests, including friends and family members, lined up for future episodes.

Anderson and Singleton will return to Little Rock over winter break to host a “Star Wars”-themed podcast that will release alongside the debut of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”

Zachery Sutherland is a staff reporter for the Arkansas Traveler, where he has been a staff reporter since February 2019.

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