Nightmare on Block Street

Pinpoint bar transforms into "Nightmare on Block St." for the month of October. It features Halloween pinball machines and drinks. // Cayden Hartman // Staff Photographer

Nightmare on Block Street, a Halloween themed pop-up bar, is offering Fayetteville residents one last spooky night out filled with blood bag filled mixed drinks, zombie apocalypse themed booths and more.

Pinpoint Fayetteville owner Bo Counts created Nightmare on Block Street to offer guests a socially distanced, month-long Halloween celebration in hopes to decrease bar crowding on Oct. 31.

"It was looking like Halloween — as we know it — was slated to be canceled,” Counts said. “I kind of had that epiphany of ‘not on my watch’ and I thought, ‘How can we give people the Halloween experience that I love to do, but safely and mindful of guidelines and COVID?’”

To ensure the safety of guests and employees, the staff is capping the bars occupancy at 60, requiring social distancing and adding dividers between each booth, Counts said. Masks are required while inside the building and walking up to the bar is prohibited.

While some of the booths pay tribute to nostalgic movies, like “Friday the Thirteenth” and “Hocus Pocus,” others feature classic spooky themes like zombies and a seance. “Each booth was created around varying themes to ensure guests a unique experience upon every visit.” Counts said.

Boasting a Halloween themed menu, Nightmare on Block Street offers red mixed drinks served out of IV bags, green alcoholic beverages garnished with gummy eyeballs and more.

Quintin Canada, a Fayetteville resident, attended Nightmare on Block Street last Saturday with his partner.

“The drinks were great. They were pretty unique and definitely drinks that I have not had on Block Street or Dixon,” Canada said. “I was very impressed with the quality; that’s part of why I go to Block Street.”

Decorating the space with his own collection, the COVID-19 changes encouraged him to showcase his fragile and authentic items, Counts said. With less risk for Counts’ decorations to be damaged by guests, he created a werewolf setting inside and Ghostbusters theme outside.

“It was like every square inch of the bar was covered in Halloween,” said Blake Pennington, a Fayetteville resident and recent Nightmare on Block Street attendee.

The atmosphere was inviting and comfortable, encouraging him to want to return next year, Pennington said.

Open from Oct. 1- 31, Nightmare on Block Street will have limited seating on Saturday to limit bar crowding. After Oct. 31, the bar will close the next week to reset to its normal state.

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