JJ’s Grill on Dickson Street ultimately lost to Joe Blacks in North Dakota April 1 in the Barstool Sports Best Bar in America Twitter contest this week.

JJ’s Grill beat the Union in Oklahoma March 29 in the second round, which progressed JJ’s Grill to the third round where it faced off against Joe Blacks, according to the 5th Year Twitter account.

Shortly after the announcement, the JJ’s Grill Twitter account shared a gif of Will Ferrell crying and holding a glass of wine with the caption, “The good news is that we didn’t cheat to win and we don’t have to live in either of the Dakotas, or wear all that hideous green. Also, we still aren’t sure what their mascot is.”

With 34,228 votes, JJ’s Grill lost the poll with 49% of the vote and Joe Black’s won with 51% of the vote, according to 5th Year. It was a close race, but the North Dakota bar ultimately beat the beloved Dickson Street gem.

The bar was going to have full-time happy minutes, which are designated times during happy hour when beers are only $1.99, until the end of the bracket. But, because they lost to North Dakota, regular happy minutes, starting at 3 p.m., will resume, according to the JJ’s Grill Twitter account.

JJ’s Grill displayed the tweets and the votes on the TV as the tournament progressed, JJ’s Grill Manager Alison Tussey said.

“Every time we progressed, it got really exciting,” Tussey said. “Being nominated was an honor. We have great clientele and great fans of the restaurant and the bar. We were just really excited.”

Junior Sydni Prater, an elementary education major, turned 21 in November and frequently visits the bar for their $1.99 margaritas and karaoke on Wednesday nights, she said.

She was very invested in the Barstool Sports contest and encouraged all of her friends to vote for JJ’s, she said.

“In the last 10 minutes of voting for that round, I probably sent at least 100 messages to people I knew, whether they went to the UofA or not, trying to get them to vote for JJ’s,” Prater said. “Of course I’m bummed we didn’t officially win but hey, we’ve still got JJ’s and happy minutes.”

Tussey hopes that JJ’s Grill can return next year and go even further in the competition, she said.

“Good luck to everyone,” Tussey said. “We are just really grateful to have been a part of it and we hope to go even further in the future. I’m thankful to all of the people who voted and to all of our fans.”


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