Sam Smith

English singer and songwriter Sam Smith released their third studio album, “Love Goes,” on Oct. 30, immersing listeners in a tribute to youth, heartbreak and nostalgia.

Emotional and compelling, “Love Goes” intertwines an assortment of pop elements and acoustic characteristics. Each song on the album is associated with a different flower that portrays meaning. Title track ‘Love Goes’ is associated with a dandelion, which symbolizes holding someone in their heart. Smith, who uses they/them pronouns, announced the album’s release on Instagram Sept. 17 with short descriptions of each songs’ separate story.

Smith released “My Oasis” and “Diamonds” over the summer to promote their upcoming album release. Other single releases from the 17-track album have been spread out over the last two years including “Promises,” “Fire on Fire,” “Dancing With A Stranger,” “How Do You Sleep?,” “To Die For” and “I’m Ready.”

The album’s leading track, “Young,” opens with a youthful aura the rest of the project follows. Initially driven by acoustic piano, Smith slowly transitions the track into a more pop-inspired space. The lyrics, “If you wanna judge me, then go and load the gun / I’ve done nothing wrong / I’m young,” display the inevitability of judgement.

Upbeat and sanguine, “Diamonds” pairs an ultra-pop chorus with Smith’s fast-tempo vocals. They use the lyrics, “My diamonds leave with you / You’re never gonna hear my heart break / Never gonna move in dark ways,” to highlight the experience of letting someone go no matter how long the history.

“Another One” focuses entirely on heartbreak. Although the track’s production is upbeat, its lyrics capture a painful, vulnerable side of Smith. The strong emotions present in the vocals and lyrics fill me with a sense of nostalgia.

The album’s fourth track, “My Oasis (Feat. Burna Boy),” continues to follow the light music vibe using drill-sounding beats to intensify the listeners experience. Boy’s hypnotic vocals during the second verse and outro complement Smiths’ passionate lyrics perfectly. The track’s hard-hitting drums pair nicely with the lyrics, “My mind is in a free fall / But there’s nothing I can do when it comes to you,” describing emotional insecurity and love.

Slow and steady, “For The Lover That I Lost,” takes the album in a more dramatic direction. The change in pace reminded me of time spent with someone from my past.The aura of the grand piano compliments Smith’s calming vocals perfectly. The lyrics, “So I lay a dozen roses for the lover that I lost,” depict white roses which symbolizes endings, an elegy or a death.

Title track “Love Goes (feat. Labyrinth)” opens with a soft piano that slowly incorporates a fast paced beat. The lyrics, “You’re broken, I know this / And if you knew it, you would love me a whole different way,” describe the ups and downs of a relationship. Toward the end of the track, the mood shifts from vibrant and upbeat to a slower, more soothing instrumental breakdown that made me feel overwhelmingly calm.

Smith took on the challenge of adding vulnerability to pop on “Love Goes,” showing obvious growth as a musical artist. The album perfectly blends an upbeat and cheery tone with feelings of sadness, embellished with acoustic solos and honest storytelling, all of which listeners can relate to and appreciate for years to come.

This album dug deep into my personal life, dredging up similar emotions and experiences to those Smith portrays throughout the album and helping me feel less alone.

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