With a bundled package of Showtime and Hulu, Spotify offers students diverse streaming options with a discount of $4.99 per month.

Spotify Premium for Students has added Showtime to its available streaming services for its student package.

Spotify Premium offers unlimited access to music and podcasts, skips and allows users to download music to listen to on the go. Spotify Premium for Students also bundles streaming services for Hulu and now Showtime, according to their website.

Spotify added Hulu as part of the student package in September 2017, and recently added Showtime in August. Showtime is $8.99 a month, and offers original shows like “Billions,” “Twin Peaks” and “Homeland.” Spotify Premium for Students is $4.99 a month compared to Spotify Premium, which is $9.99 a month.

Junior Trip Phillips listens to music at least two hours a day using Spotify Premium, which doesn’t interrupt his listening with ads.

Senior Joel Robinson uses Spotify because it’s a cheaper music streaming service that gives him access to millions of songs. It’s better than other services, like Apple music, which is more expensive and has a smaller selection, he said.

Robinson also uses the Spotify Premium for Students to watch Hulu, because it’s cheaper to pay for the student package than each individual streaming service on their own and they are $4.99 together, he said.

The downside to having Spotify is that Robinson never owns the music, and that he is permanently renting it, he said.
“I’m a little bit sad because after I graduate, that service goes away, so I’ll no longer be able to bundle them anymore,” Robinson said.

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