Country music singer Casey Donahew performs Jan. 31 at George's Majestic Lounge.


Casey Donahew and his band packed George’s Majestic Lounge with fans from the stage to the back of the venue Jan. 31, delivering over 15 songs about love and the life of a cowboy for an exciting and fully immersive show that lasted well over 90 minutes.

Donahew, 42, is a born and raised Texas native. He began writing his own songs when he was in high school and dabbled in playing the guitar, but it wasn’t until Donahew attended Texas A&M that he started playing frequently, according to Donahew’s website.

Donahew was backed by his band, which is made up of five people on guitars and drums that added fullness to his songs. Donahew’s music has a red-dirt country sound with his mix of rock-n-roll and traditional country. All of his songs were well-performed and sung in two and three-part harmonies by Donahew and the band.

“I like his music because he has a new and different sound from the typical big-name country singers,” freshman Carey Lawrence said. “He gets at the roots of what country used to be.”

Donahew’s music comes from personal experiences and reaches emotions that can only be written through living, loving and losing, according to his website.

As his popularity rose among college students and his online fanbase, Donahew reached the country Top 30 chart in the Billboard magazine with his third album “Moving On,” according to Billboard. Since his start, Donahew has released six albums with his band, the Casey Donahew Band.

The crowd was familiar with most of the music he played. The songs “12 Gauge” and “Kiss Me,” were crowd favorites.

Donahew also performed a few covers that included Matchbox Twenty’s “3 A.M.,” which he turned into a fun and soulful country song from the original alternative pop rock version.

Throughout the show Donahew kept up a very enjoyable and energetic experience with his fans. Donahew included the audience in music by stopping after every few songs to speak to and interact with them by singing with the audience.

The band closed with vigor with “White Trash Story” and “High.” Casey Donahew and the band made the show enjoyable even if some weren’t familiar with his music.

“I expected a fun rock-country concert with my friends,” Michael Verbeck said. “The concert more than lived up to my expectations.”


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