Vintage Market Courtesy

The owners of Crimson and Clover will have a vintage market Nov. 16, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., at 418 S. Government Ave. with three vintage clothing vendors selling their finds.

“We want it to be kind of like the farmers market but dry goods; vintage, handmade,” said Darcy Harris, an owner of Crimson and Clover.

Saturday’s market will be the second one, and Darcy wants to do the markets every Saturday or as frequently as possible, she said. 

Darcy Harris and Nick Harris opened Crimson and Clover in March 2017. Darcy collects clothing items and makes children's clothing. 

People have come into the store and asked to put items on consignment, and the solution to that was to have a market, Darcy Harris said.

“We only have so much space, so this was an idea to kind of give other people an outlet,” Darcy Harris said. 

The first market was Nov. 9, and the vendors sold more than 30 items, Darcy Harris said.

“We all love vintage, we’re all collecting it, so we bought some stuff from each other,” Darcy Harris said.

Harris hopes to eventually fit 20 vendors into the vintage markets, she said. 

“What we imagine it to be is kind of like, in those larger cities, a vintage market where there's larger items like furniture, old metal stuff, stuff that can be refurbished,” Darcy Harris said. “Most of the vendors we have right now, do clothing.”

The market will include items from Crimson and Clover, Damned 2 Divine Clothing Club and Olive Avenue Trading Company. 

“There’s so many people on Instagram selling vintage right now, and so this will give them an opportunity to have a local presence,” Darcy Harris said. 

Darcy and Nick Harris plan to bring clothing, some furniture and a few home goods to the market Saturday. Olive Avenue Trading Company will bring vintage jewelry and there will also be a food vendor at the market.

Abby Zimmardi is a staff reporter for the Arkansas Traveler, where she has been a staff reporter since April 2019.

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