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Last week saw the return of numerous artists like Billie Eilish, Sigrid and Khalid who released new songs, which already have millions of listens online.

Eilish released her new song “wish u were gay” on March 4 and already has more than 12 million views on the official video on YouTube. Through solemn background music and lyrics, Eilish describes humiliation and sadness felt by indifferent feelings through soft acoustics, ukulele chords and a low, angelic voice.

Contemporary R&B artist Khalid released the song “My Bad” on March 7 as a preview for his upcoming second album “Free Spirit,” which is coming out April 5. With smooth vocals and a mellow tune, this American singer-songwriter sings about a past lover he wants to stop reaching out to him. This preview shows a pivotal change in his songs as he mostly sings about heartbreak and unreciprocated love from past love interests.

Country artist Maren Morris released her second album “GIRL” on March 8, after she released the songs “GIRL” and “Common” on Feb. 8 with the album pre-order. As a follow-up to her Grammy-nominated album “Hero” in 2016, this album focuses on the importance of self-love, while also loving your significant other. Morris’ previous album did not feature any love songs, but her newest album includes love songs like “Gold Love,” “Flavor” and “A Song for Everything.”

Synth-pop singer Sigrid released her new album ”Sucker Punch” on March 8. This 12-song album shows both the soft and raspy sides of her voice. This Norwegian artist became famous in 2017 after releasing debut “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” which is also included in this album.

Swedish producer Alesso released three songs from “Progresso Volume One,” an upcoming series of mixtapes, March 8. Representing dance culture, these songs tell the story of the past and future of the electronic dance genre. With songs “TIME,” “PROGRESSO” and “CONFESSION,” these EDM/club hits are upbeat, telling a story.

Juice WRLD released his second album “Death Race For Love” on March 8. Featuring 22 songs including “Empty,” “Hear Me Calling,” “Robbery” and “Who Shot Cupid?,” this American rapper creates songs involving both sad and progressive sounds in his album with easygoing vocals and trap background music.

Lauren Ganim is a staff reporter for the Arkansas Traveler, where she has been a staff reporter since February 2019.

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