New Music Friday Graphic

The weekend releases featured a mix of sad ballads, romantic declarations and spunky jazz tunes that provide the perfect soundtrack for any mood you may be feeling this weekend.

Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler’s EP “brent ii,” features the song “emily,” which is the perfect track for sleepless nights. The song features soft harmonies that mask the harsh lyrics, “So I’ll promise you I’ll be the best thing for us / Then I’ll fight with your friends and I’ll trash your apartment / I’ll lie to you screaming, ‘I’d die for you.’”

Raveena’s single “Tweety” makes me feel like a teenager in the 90s who spends their afternoons daydreaming under the canopy of a willow tree. The lyrics, “Blushing like I’m tweety bird / If you want me you can say the word / You feel like my favorite song / I’m too shy to sing along,” are the perfect mix of cheesy and sweet, seamlessly matching the lovestruck feel of the song.

Underwhelming at best, Cardi B’s latest single “Up” fell flat compared to the rest of the weekend’s releases. I won’t be adding this track to my own playlist, but I can enjoy its upbeat rhythm and captivating bass line, which adds interest to an otherwise repetitive chorus.

“American Cliché” by FINNEAS swiftly opens with the sharp sounds of fingers snapping and jazzy staccato notes on bass. Shortly after, FINNEAS layers brass instruments and strong piano notes underneath his smooth, resonant vocals. The instrument finale flawlessly wraps up the track with an explosion of sounds that match the flashy, high-energy song.

Hayley Williams’ new album “FLOWERS for VASES / descansos” is mellow, gentle and anything but a resemblance to her pop-punk Paramore days. The track “My Limb” is slow and repetitive, featuring dark lyrics: “Shy little rabbit, teething on a shotgun / Guess we were collateral damage, kissing in the crossfire / Limpin’ over dead leaves, I wish they would cover me.” Although depressing, the track is catchy, landing a spot on my “:(“ playlist.

After hearing Tai Verdes’ TikTok hit “Stuck In the Middle,” I hoped he would keep coming out with instant classics, and he did not let me down. Verde’s fourth single “BAD BAD News” is romantic, passionate and one I’ll be playing on repeat all weekend long.

This weekend’s new music releases from stand-out artists like Cardi B and up-and-coming musicians like Tai Verdes, are perfect for listeners looking for fresh February finds and a pause from the semester’s fast-pace.

Abby Zimmardi is the multimedia editor for the Arkansas Traveler, where she previously worked as a staff reporter.

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