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While April looks to be a slow month for new releases, there are still some fresh movies and shows coming to streaming services to binge while we wait for those May flowers.


“Concrete Cowboy” tells the story of an estranged son, played by Caleb McLaughlin, as he reconnects with his father, played by Idris Elba. The rebellious teen discovers the close-knit community of urban cowboy subculture, which has provided parts of poverty-stricken Philadelphia with a safe haven for the past 100 years. The American Western drama film is set to release April 2.

“Stowaway” is an upcoming sci-fi thriller film starring Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette and Daniel Dae Kim as part of a three-man crew. On a mission to Mars, the team discovers an unintended stowaway that causes damage to the spaceship's life support systems. With shrinking resources, the team is forced to make decisions with a potentially fatal outcome. The film is available to watch April 22.


Journalist David Holthouse heard a story about three men torn limb by limb after a savage Bigfoot attack after visiting a California cannabis farm in 1993. Twenty-five years later, Holthouse returned to the Redwoods in search for evidence of the attack. As he digs for the truth, he goes down a path more dangerous than expected. The three-part docu-series “Sasquatch” is available to stream April 20.

Set to arrive on the streaming platform April 2, “WeWork: Or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn'' is a documentary that takes a look into the rise and fall of the real estate company WEWORK and its eccentric, messianic co-founder, Adam Neumann. The film explores the thinking behind the billion-dollar company and investigates the behind-the-scenes issues that allowed the company to fail.


Adapted from its video game franchise, “Mortal Kombat” is set to release in theaters and HBO on April 16. The martial art fantasy film follows MMA fighter Cole Young, played by Lewis Tan, as he discovers his family heritage. Amid being hunted down by Sub-Zero of the Lin-Kuei clan of assassins, Young is concerned for his family’s safety and seeks out help from a clique of fighters chosen to defend Earthrealm.

Starring Kate Winslet, “Mare of Easttown” tells the story of a local detective in a small Pennsylvania town who investigates a local murder while trying to keep her own life from falling apart. The series explores the town’s dark side and how families and past tragedies often affect our present. The seven-episode series is set to release April 18.


John Stamos stars in the Disney+ original “Big Shot” as a temperamental basketball coach who gets fired from his job. The sports drama-comedy follows Stamos as he is forced to take a job at a private all-girls high school. The first episode is set to release April 16, with an additional nine episodes to release each Friday after.

Just in time for Earth Day, “Earth Moods” is set to release April 16. The five-episode, relaxing series immerses viewers in a wordless visual and musical experience featuring colorful and captivating shots of the world. From lush rainforests, blue glaciers and arid deserts, “Earth Moods” will give viewers an outdoor experience away from home — something we all could use this year.

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Seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife, Michael B. Jordan stars in “Without Remorse.” As an elite Navy SEAL, Jordan pursues the narrative’s assassins at all costs, uncovering a covert plot that threatens to entangle the U.S and Russia in an all-out war. The film is set to release April 30.

The highly anticipated horror anthology series “THEM” is set to debut April 9. The first season will follow a Black family in the 1950s who moves from North Carolina to a predominantly white neighborhood in Los Angeles. The series stars Shahadi Wright Joseph, previously in the 2019 film “Us,” as the family’s home becomes grounds for vengeful forces who threaten and taunt them.

Although spring is in the air, this month looks to be far from blossoming in the new releases department. However, as someone who is oddly obsessed with space movies — despite being terrified of it — “Stowaway” is a film to excite. And for those without an outer space fascination, the “Earth Moods” soundtrack doubles as the perfect study playlist.

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