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This weekend’s new music releases delve into reflections on the past with upbeat and edgy songs from an eclectic mix of artists including Glass Animals, Sam Hunt and All Time Low. 

Glass Animals’ “I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)” exudes a techno, alternative vibe different from anything the band has  previously released. The lyrics “Don't wanna talk, baby / I just wanna dance / I don't wanna talk, no more living in the past, baby” are repeated throughout the song as lead singer Dave Bayley tries to push the past to the back of his mind and live in the moment. The high-energy song will make listeners want to get up and dance. 

Sam Hunt’s “23” is his first release since his 2020 album “Southside.” The upbeat single reminisces on youthful romance with lyrics such as “You can marry who you want / Go back to Tennessee / But you’ll never be 23 with anyone but me.” Even though times have changed, Hunt is grateful to have the memories of his past relationship and wishes his previous lover the best. 

“Running Out of Roses” by Alan Walker and Jamie Miller juxtaposes sad piano chords with a moderate tempo and snapping sounds, pushing the beat forward. The texture thins out briefly leading up to the song’s climax, when all the elements return and the beat picks up speed. Like Hunt’s song, this single reflects on events of the past, but Walker and Miller consider the doubts and what-ifs that still remain, with lyrics like “Oh my God did we go too far? / Did we waste it all like we're running out of roses?”

Cheat Codes and All Time Low’s collaboration “Ghost Story” is edgy and fast-paced. The haunted, spooky theme weaves throughout with the summoning of images of ghosts, spirits and hauntings. The narrator is trying to break free of the memories his past lover left him with, but the remnants still disturb his dreams, revealed with lyrics like “I keep telling my, telling myself your ghost story / You got me lying awake in my bed, you still haunt me.” 

Friday’s music releases provide a moody soundtrack of reflection on messy pasts, perfect for a weekend full of nostalgia as the Razorbacks take on old rivals the Texas Longhorns.

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