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Some artists’ new releases this weekend put the “us” back in “virus,” while others kept on talking about “Tiger King.”

If you’re looking for an anthem during these uncertain times, Florence + The Machine’s single, “Light Of Love,” rings like a victory bell as the curve appears to flatten, with Florence’s vocals never failing to soothe me.

Bon Iver tries to inject some much-needed optimism with “PDLIF,” standing for “Please Don’t Live in Fear,” though the song doesn’t seem to have much more to say than that, which is sort of enough.

And if you’re looking for another sort of anthem, look to “Tigers And Young Men,” an ode by Will Chase and Ingrid Michaelson to two of Joe Exotic’s favorite things as depicted in the 2020 Netflix original “Tiger King.” Unlike the hit show, the track is pretty one-note, never takes any unexpected turns and just doesn’t touch my heart.

Sam Smith’s collaboration with Demi Lovato, “I’m Ready (with Demi Lovato),” is slightly better than Smith’s average, but still way too annoying for a total listen.

Joji released “Gimme Love,” the third single from his second studio album “Nectar,” set to be released July 10. Although not as mellow as my favorite of his tracks, “Sanctuary,” his June 2019 release, “Gimme Love” boasts a unique development and pretty sound that’s quick to get stuck in your head.

Soap&Skin’s cover of 4 Non Blondes’ 1992 release, “What’s Up?,” “What’s going on?” feels like it should be in the next Harley Quinn movie, with the creepy hummy harmonies and dissonance.

Good new releases this week were sparse, and other releases from popular artists were few and far between. We’re sure to see more quarantine-inspired bops and ballads next week, along with more “Tiger King”-inspired tracks. Hopefully the next one is about Carole Baskin.

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