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Some new songs dropped Friday along with the temperatures. Some of the new releases will find a home on any metal-head or pop-guru’s daily listens, while others should stay out of playlist and off the airwaves.

After their first collaboration on Post Malone’s 2019 album “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” Malone and Ozzy Osbourne teamed up for Osbourne’s new song “It’s A Raid.” Though the fast-paced metal song seems out of place among a plethora of pop releases, it is a song that will definitely make you want to headbang. The opening of “It’s A Raid” is decent at best, but Osbourne seems to go back to his roots as the prince of darkness from Black Sabbath in the song’s middle portion. Also, Malone’s raspy voice fits perfectly alongside Osbourne’s intense yelling. I honestly think that Malone is the son Osbourne always wanted.

Speaking of the oldies, Pearl Jam came out of hiding to release a song that beckons back to the days of their first album, “Ten.” Their new song “Superblood Wolfmoon” is sure to shock any Pearl Jam fan, because you can actually understand frontman Eddie Vedder for once. This is the first song that the band has released since their not-so-great 2013 album “Lightning Bolt,” that my mom got for me for my birthday. Though the song does remind me a bit of that album, it would fit right in among some of their older songs as well.

In other news, K-pop boy band BTS, released the song “ON” featuring Australian artist Sia from their new album “Map of the Soul: 7.” I have only listened to a few of the group’s songs, but I quickly added this one to my library. Though a lot of my friends who are fans of the group say they don’t like some of the newer songs because they sound like American rap, I personally love the way “ON” sounds. The song’s beat gives it a high-energy feeling that is contagious.

For every great song on the playlist this week, there was an equally terrible one to accompany it. For example, Trippie Redd’s new song “The Way,” featuring the equally untalented Russ, makes Lil Pump sound like a modern day Mozart. Just to give you a feeling for how bad this song was, it started with audio from a Tik-Tok meme. After you make your way through Trippie Redd’s comically bad rapping, you are then bashed over the head with the lyric, “We was lost, but bae, we found a way,” sung by both Trippie Redd and Russ.

Selena Gomez, the queen of bad songs, made her way back to the New Music Friday playlist with her new song “Feel Me.” In all honesty, the song was not the worst I have ever heard, but it sounds like every other song of her’s. I am convinced that she has just been remixing the same music for the past seven years. There is not much to say about this song because it was so boring.

Not wanting to be left out, country musician Jimmie Allen teamed up with Noah Cyrus for the song, “This Is Us,” which sounds like the one song you heard at church camp that was somewhat decent. The song critiques itself during the chorus with the lyric, “It wasn’t that bad, but could’ve been better.”

Nathanael Davis is an associate news editor for The Arkansas Traveler. He previously worked as a reporter and photographer.

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