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Associated Student Government senators voted April 2 to provide money for ASG-branded Springtime of Youth wristbands and the Counseling and Psychological Services Play Day event.

Senate Bill No. 15, which Sens. Warrington Sebree and Samantha Gregory proposed last week, passed with 24 “yes” votes and 12 “no” votes, with three senators abstaining.

The bill initially requested $2,000 for light-up Springtime of Youth wristbands with ASG logos on them that flash in response to the music on stage, Gregory said. Senators voted to cut that down to $1,500 April 2.

The money will pay for anywhere from 750 to 1,000 wristbands, which will be given away for free to the first people to show up to the event, Gregory said.

Senators voted unanimously in favor of Senate Bill No. 13, proposed by Sen. Emily Daniels, to provide $2,000 to CAPS Play Day. The event will take place before Dead Day, providing students with stress relief activities and access to information about CAPS programs and services.

Senators amended Senate Bill No. 13, agreeing to provide $1,620, in an attempt to save Senate money, Daniels said, adding that the Chair of Senate will be giving the remaining $380 out of his own budget.

Senators provided food and refreshments last semester, Daniels said.

“Because I ran on this platform, it was a little disappointing for me,” Daniels said. “But I advocated for cutting across the board even before the senate met. I’m all for what Senate agrees to.”

Sebree’s bill to pay for updated post-graduate test preparation materials passed, providing $1,000 to David W. Mullin’s Library for the materials.

Senators also passed a bill asking for $35 of the budget to buy popsicles for a tabling event to promote the Walk the Xtra Mile homeless march.

In their March 26 meeting, senators passed five legislations and confirmed two ASG Investigations Committee members to discuss an ethics complaint filed against ASG.

Senators elected Sens. Colton Simpson and Andrew O'Neil to serve on the Investigations Committee.

The committee convenes each time a complaint is filed against an ASG member regarding violation of the ASG Code or Constitution. Two senators, three justices, the ASG advisor and one person appointed by the ASG president make up the committee. The ASG judiciary does not release Investigations Committee reports to the public.

Senators voted unanimously in favor of Resolution No. 20, which encourages UA officials to redraft the absence policy.

Senators voted unanimously in favor of Resolution No. 21, which supports collaboration with Pat Walker Health Center to promote eating disorder awareness events.

Thirty-nine senators voted “yes” on Senate Resolution No. 22, which supports the inclusion of natural hair as a protected right, and two voted “no.”

Thirty-nine senators voted “yes” on Senate Resolution No. 23, which encourages UA officials to review the inclement weather policy, one voted “no” and one senator abstained.

Forty senators voted “yes” on Senate Bill No. 14, which will provide money in support of STI testing promotion at the ASG Sexual Health Awareness Event Tuesday, one voted “no” and one senator abstained.

ASG collaborated with the UA Pat Walker Health Center to give away free STI testing vouchers through a raffle at the event. ASG allocated $600 from the Senate Legislative Allocations budget toward 15 STI testing fee waivers, matching the number that PWHC officials provided.


Katelyn Duby is a news editor for the Arkansas Traveler, where she previously worked as a reporter in 2018 and a senior staff reporter in 2019.

Samantha Van Dyke is an assistant news editor, and she previously worked as a reporter for the Arkansas Traveler.

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