Crime Update

UA Police Department officers arrested a staff member in Kimpel Hall on Tuesday morning on warrant, a UAPD captain said.

Officers arrested Kathy Lake, administrative support supervisor for the Department of World Languages, Literature and Culture, on a Benton County Sheriff’s Office warrant for writing a hot check and on a Rogers Police Department warrant for not paying an administrative fee,  UAPD Capt. Gary Crain said.

Lake issued the hot check Aug. 2, said Helga Dunn, warrant secretary for the Benton County Sheriff’s Department. The warrant did not specify the amount of the fraudulent check.

Lake was charged a $10 fee after she failed to provide her proof of car ownership Jan. 21, 2017, said Tanya Solis, Rogers District Court clerk. Because the fee was never paid, an additional $10 fee was added each month, so Lake owed approximately $200 when officers served the Rogers warrant.

UAPD officers served the warrant on behalf of the other departments and took her to the Washington County jail, Crain said.

Lake was released from custody Tuesday night, according to Washington County jail detention records.

It is illegal to knowingly issue a worthless check in Arkansas, according to the Arkansas Code’s Hot Check Law. If the check was for $1,000 or less and was a first offense, Lake could be guilty of a misdemeanor and would have to either pay a fine between $50-$500 or spend 30 days in prison.

Steven Bell, departmental chairman for World Languages, Literature and Culture, declined to comment.

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