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All candidates on the UNITY ticket won the majority of votes in the Associated Student Government run-off election, the ASG chief justice announced Friday.

Each UNITY member reached the majority threshold of more than 50% of all votes, and there were no vote deductions, said ASG Chief Justice Julianna Tidwell.

Candidates Jared Pinkerton and Sadie Bryant will serve as ASG president and vice president for the 2019-20 academic year. Out of 4,526 total votes, Pinkerton and Bryant received 2,343 votes, or 51.8% of the votes, surpassing the 2,238 votes needed to win.

“This is truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I hope each and every person on this campus feels like they had the chance to make their voices heard,” Pinkerton said. “I’m really excited for the future of the ASG.”

Presidential candidate Maria Calderon and vice presidential candidate Shay Longmate of the Together We AR ticket received 2,090 votes, or 46.2% of the votes.

“I am extremely proud to have run a clean and positive campaign,” Calderon said in a text. “Tonight, I go to bed knowing I did not compromise my morals for the position, did not file any sort of violation and respected people to the fullest.”

Out of 21,808 undergraduate students 20.8% of students voted in the runoff election.

In the vote for president, 40 students selected “prefer not to respond,” and 53 students selected “skip question.”

Kevin Smith Jr. will serve as ASG treasurer next year, receiving 2,240, or 49.7%, of 4,508 total votes and surpassing the majority threshold of 2,185 votes needed to win.

Smith was originally a member of the Spark the Change ticket, which did not advance to the runoff election, and joined UNITY after the ASG judiciary disqualified treasurer candidate Arianna Kiaei.

Treasurer candidate Kirsten James of the Together We AR ticket received 2,056 votes, or 45.6%, of the votes.

In the vote for treasurer, 72 students selected “prefer not to respond,” and 140 students selected “skip question.”

Jack Skidmore will serve as ASG secretary next year, receiving 2,265, or 50.2%, of 4,515 total votes and surpassing the majority threshold of 2,191 votes needed to win.

Secretary candidate John Hedgecock of the Together We AR ticket received 2,028 votes, or 44.9% of the votes.

In the vote for secretary, 87 students selected “prefer not to respond,” and 134 students selected “skip question.”


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