Senator Mark Pryor spoke yesterday on Old Main Lawn as a part of his “What’s at Stake” campaign across Arkansas.

Pryor spoke about what he will do if elected to help seniors, students and women.

Students gathered to rally support and listen to Pryor speak. Some of the students present were part of the Young Democrats in Arkansas RSO on campus. They helped advertise the event.

Others in attendance were supporters of Pryor and his goals to lower the cost of college for students, said Ezra Smith, president of Young Democrats in Arkansas.

The event began with a speech from UA freshman Jesse Keener who said she receives financial aid from some of the programs Pryor said he will work to protect.

“This campaign is important to me because it affects me for the next four years,” Keener said.

Pryor said that he would work to protect the rights of seniors while his opponent, Tom Cotton, voted to raise the age requirement for Medicare to 70.

Cotton also voted for “deep cuts” in pell grants and to increase interest rates for college loans. He also said he wanted to cut Stafford loans, Pryor said.

Pryor said he would work to keep college costs at a minimum, if elected.

Cotton voted against the Violence Against Women Act that turned out to be a very successful act that cut the number of abused women down by half, Pryor said.

Pryor said that he wants to work for equal pay for equal pay for women.

“We have a lot at stake in this election,” Pryor said. “I’m in Washington for Arkansas and he is not.”

Pryor said he especially wants to continue to support the Trio program, which helps high school and middle school students who are first-generation college students learn about their opportunities and get into college.

“If you look at Arkansas, where we have struggled is with students finishing college,” Pryor said. “Whenever you talk about working on education, pre-k to finishing college, all of that helps make Arkansas better.”


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