Police Write Many Citations During ROW Week, Make Few Arrests

Minor in possession citations decreased throughout the three-day event of ROW Week.



The Fayetteville Police Department gave 46 citations to students for minor in possession of alcohol to students from April 11-13 during the 2019 ROW week, an FPD sergeant said.

“All of the citations were made off campus at the various ROW concert locations,” FPD Sgt. Anthony Murphy said.

UA fraternities organized ROW concerts at Powerhouse and the Fayetteville Town Center.  

FPD officers gave out 24 citations to minors in possession of alcohol on Thursday of ROW, Murphy said. On Friday, police caught 19 underage drinkers and charged eight students with possession of a fraudulent ID at Powerhouse, the town center and Spirits Shop liquor store. Police gave three students citations Saturday, he said.

“Thursday we had 24 citations, not taken to jail, they were all (minors in possession),” Murphy said. “(8) possessions with fraudulent ID. On Friday we had (19) underage drinking. On Saturday we only had three, so (46) total. That was easy. We could've gotten 300 if we wanted to.”

FPD made no arrests during ROW this year but handed out an unusually high number of citations, Murphy said. Police would make an arrest only if the person was visibly intoxicated and a danger to themselves or others, he said.

“It’s just not a good practice to fill jail up with people that we can issue a citation to, and they can go about their way and be safe and not be a danger to themselves or others,” Murphy said. “It helps everyone involved, and it’s an alternative to arrest.”

FPD consults with UA officials about the ROW week schedule so the officers know where to go to keep an eye on underage drinking, Murphy said.

UA Police Department officers were also at the events but gave out no citations and made no arrests, UAPD Capt. Gary Crain said. In order to prepare for ROW, UAPD gets a list of all the events and schedules officers for each location, he said.

ROW week was a busy time for UAPD because there were three to four officers on duty at fraternity houses during the weekend, including Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Theta and Kappa Sigma houses, Crain said.

Murphy thinks that in the future, more FPD officers will be present, and there might be more consequences for students caught drinking, he said.

“In the future, we’ll probably come down a little harder,” Murphy said.


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