Election results

Social worker and community advocate, D’Andre Jones, defeated sales manager and executive broker Tanner Pettigrew in a runoff election for the Ward 1, Position 2 seat on the Fayetteville City Council.

After earning 38% of the vote in the Nov. 7 general election, Jones won the runoff with 72% of the vote.

Jones earned the largest percentage of votes in the general election, in which two other candidates, Pedro Fimbres and Oroo Oyioka, vied for City Council Member Sarah Marsh's soon-to-be vacated seat. Pettigrew earned 28% of the vote in the runoff, losing by 632 votes, according to the final unofficial results.

Jones, an UA alumnus and political, social and civil rights activist, said his main goal is to keep Fayetteville an equitable community.

Jones, a provisionally licensed social worker and a member of the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care, wants to govern by the motto “people over politics.” Jones’s campaign focused on the importance of creating a progressive agenda for Fayetteville that uplifts individuals of all backgrounds, according to his campaign website.

“Residents want to be able to call their city officials, know they were heard, and trust in a resolution as soon as the phone is hung up. And for nearly a decade, that is exactly what I have done in Fayetteville,” Jones said on his campaign website.

He has served as president of the Northwest Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus, chair of the Fayetteville Civil Rights Commission, chair of Mayor Lioneld Jordan’s African American Advisory Council and secretary of the Fayetteville Civil Service Commission.

Jones plans to collaborate with the Fayetteville Police Department to help improve policing of marginalized communities in Ward 1 and increase public trust and transparency, according to his campaign website.

“Ward 1 is one of the most diverse in Fayetteville, and every neighborhood will receive the same steadfast and unwavering representation,” Jones said on his campaign website. “I promise to go to City Hall and work to develop solutions that connect residents with the resources and services they need to grow and thrive in Ward 1.”

Jones, along with Holly Hertzberg, will be one of two new Council Members sworn in early next year in which they will serve four years.

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