Well, the new school year is finally upon us.  This means an opportunity to make new friends, and discover new things.  But it also means responsibility, and hard work, and the end of listless summer days.  I thought it may be a good thing to remind you all of what it is that we do have to look forward to this year.

I thought I could start on a local level, and address some of the positives.  If you ask me, the beginning of this school year is priming us for some good music.  The A.M.P. is gearing up for it’s final season in Fayetteville, according to their website, arkansasmusicpavillion.com.  However, the A.M.P. promises not to leave without many a good show.  Over the next two months alone, the will be hosting Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Alabama Shakes, and Vampire Weekend.  Not to mention, good ole’ is bringing us shows like Corey Smith, Gramatik, and Boom Kinetic.  It’s safe to say good music is coming our way.

In other news for the upcoming year, your Arkansas Razorbacks were recently ranked last place in the SEC preseason polling.  You may be thinking, well this isn’t necessarily anything to look forward to—but I would disagree.  First, football is fun no matter what.  I mean, at least you can tailgate.  Second, it can be a blessing in disguise to be looked down upon.  When you’re already in last place, you have nothing to lose.  Why not try your hardest?  T.J’s preseason poll puts the Razorbacks at number one.  I’ve seen a football movie or two in my day—the underdog always wins.

Then, right around the same time football is returning, so will the motorcycles.  I realize that not everyone in Fayetteville actually looks forward to —I just don’t quite understand why.  My friend, Bikes and Blues was the nations third largest rally last year.  Even if Harley’s bother you, please consider how good this rally is for Fayetteville!  Everyone makes money, plus there is even more great food on Dixon than usual.

If the thought of hundreds of thousands of loud motorcycles parading around town really grinds your gears, maybe you need something to calm you down.  Arkansas Secretary of State Dustin McDaniel recently approved a ballot measure that if passed, would allow for Medical Marijuana.  The measure needs 65,000 signatures to be allowed on the ballot, according to the Rogers Morning News.  A similar proposition failed last year by a small margin, with 49 percent voting in favor and 51 percent voting against, according to CNN.  It’s not going to be feeling like Colorado around here anytime soon my friends, but perhaps the winds of change are blowing.

I would like to leave you this week with a reminder of something you should always look forward to.  The opportunity to see and do new things, right here in Fayetteville.  The new school year brings lots of new music, and motorcycles, and football.  But what all of it really brings, is the opportunity to experience something new and wonderful—the opportunity to truly do something different.  I want to encourage you to not only look forward to things, but to take advantage of them when they arrive.  We exist in a unique place, where opportunities abound and friendships are waiting to be formed.  This year, don’t wait around for them.  It’s time to come back to school, and with it, come back to opportunities.


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