Let’s talk about Football Game Etiquette.  Now I know what you’re thinking...etiquette?! It’s a football game! Its fun! Yes. That’s right, football games are very fun but there is a certain etiquette you should master when watching ESPECIALLY in public...where there are people around...also watching.

Learn football terms so you know what you’re talking about!

What do I mean? Let me tell you a story. I was once sitting in the stands enjoying a Hogs game and I heard the most disturbing thing.  “WOAH!!!! That was an AWESOME touch throw!!!!” So, you may be wondering, what is a touch throw exactly? Well, it doesn’t exist which is why you should NEVER say this. EVER. Lesson? Learn football terms (the correct ones please) before you blurt them (or similar terms that you just made up) out at the top of your lungs. You won’t sound stupid and hey you might actually sound like you know what you’re talking about!

Candy Crush or Bust

So you’ve learned the correct football terms but you’re a little bored because you still really don’t know what’s going on.  So instead of being bored, naturally you decide the best thing to do right now is to whip out your phone and play a game.  So for the rest of the football game while everyone is cheering you’re sitting mad because you can’t pass level 13 of Candy Crush without buying more lives from the App Store. This is a definite BUST!! Come on you’re at a Hogs game, one of the best college football experiences EVER so get into it and get off your phone! If you really don’t know what's going on go with the crowd I GUARANTEE you’ll figure it out.

Sit down or stand up

To sit or to stand that is the question. Listen here's a tip, if everyone is sitting (which rarely happens) then you should sit if everyone is standing then you should probably stand. Make things easier on yourself and don't be that person sitting while the entire stadium is standing and cheering. Again the crowd is the perfect teacher here so go with it, if not we might mistake you for a Bama fan or something.

Call those Hogs!! No seriously CALL ‘EM!!!

Okay the last piece of etiquette advice is this: if EVERYONE is calling the Hogs don’t be that one lone ranger refusing because you’re either too cool or too “dehydrated” to do so. Calling the Hogs is an Arkansas tradition! It pumps up the crowd and the players, generally calling the hogs just brings everyone together. So, STAND UP and call those Hogs!!! Its not hard, even if you don’t know how (which sounds crazy but I was a transfer and during my first game I had no idea what was going on but I did it anyway). Again learn from the crowd, the amount of people that know how to call the Hogs far outweigh the ones that don’t (Just FYI I know how to do it now).

So what have we learned in Chelsea’s Football Etiquette course today? Well number one, don’t EVER say touch throw, basket or ask who the pitcher is; basically learn some football terms, number two Candy Crush Saga, Solitaire, or any of the other various Iphone games are COMPLETELY unacceptable to play while watching a Hogs game, number three stand up and cheer and finally number four stand up and call the Hogs!! That’s about it...OH number five HAVE FUN!!! Its a Hogs game after all!


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