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As of Oct. 4, there are five new active COVID-19 cases on the UA Campus, down 24 from Oct. 2. Active cases continue to decrease after a peak of 764 active cases early September.

Active COVID-19 cases on the UA campus are on a steady decline as statewide cases continue to fluctuate.

There are currently 33 active cases on campus, down 24 from Friday, according to the UofA COVID-19 dashboard. On-campus numbers have continued to trend downward since the beginning of September when active numbers reached a high of 764, for the week of Aug. 31-Sept. 6.

The dashboard lists five new cases for Friday-Sunday and 29 new recoveries. All of the active cases are students.

The data compilation spreadsheet linked to the dashboard lists two new cases opposed to the dashboard’s five. Of those two cases, one reported was from on-campus testing and the other was self-reported. It is unclear which number is accurate.

Of the 7,987 tests performed on campus, 701 have been positive, for a cumulative positivity rate of 8.8%.

The World Health Organization recommends that localities see a positivity rate of 5% or less for at least 14 days before reopening. Arkansas is currently in the second of three phases of economic reopening.

While on-campus numbers may be declining, Washing and Benton County continue to be hotspots in the state. Washington County reported the second highest increase in cases for Monday at 34. Benton County reported the fifth highest increase at 15.

Washington County reported 380 active cases, 103 probable active cases, 9,243 confirmed cumulative cases and 706 probable cumulative cases Monday. Confirmed active cases in Washington County decreased by three in a day and by 17 in a week.

Benton County reported 273 confirmed active cases, 64 probable active cases, 6,596 confirmed cumulative cases and 314 probable cumulative cases. In Benton County, cases decreased by 35 in a day and by 88 in a week.

Total cumulative cases in the two counties (confirmed and probable) increased by 492 and 325, respectively.

While numbers in NWA have continued to be some of the highest in Arkansas, statewide numbers have continued to fluctuate.

The Arkansas Department of Health confirmed 392 new cases on Monday, for a total of 83,698 cumulative cases, Raising the total by 4,177 in one week. Those numbers follow the third highest single-day increase the state has seen at 1,124, last Thursday, Oct. 1.

There are 6,186 confirmed active cases, a decrease of 219 in a day and 638 in a week. The ADH reported a cumulative total of 3,732 probable cases Monday. Of those, 736 are currently active.

On Monday there were 524 patients hospitalized, up by 15 in a day and 28 in a week. Statewide, 93 patients were on ventilators Wednesday, an increase of four in a day and down six in a week, according to the ADH.

Total deaths rose by 21 in a day and by 116 in a week, for a total of 1,299.

An additional 148 deaths have probably been caused by the virus, according to the ADH. In total, 76,204 cases were considered inactive by Monday, an increase of 589 from Sunday and 4,695 from Sept. 28.

Abbi Ross is the Editor in Chief of the Arkansas Traveler, where she previously worked as senior staff reporter.

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