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Woman Found with Slit Throat, Wrists on UA Property

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A woman was found around 4 p.m. today with a knife in her hand and her throat and wrist cut on university property, a UA Police Department captain said.

UAPD officers found the woman, 34, on Town Branch Trail near School Avenue, UAPD Captain Gary Crain said. Dispatchers from the Fayetteville Police Department and the Central Emergency Medical Services contacted a UAPD dispatcher about the situation.

She was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center to be treated for her injuries and was conscious, Crain said. The woman told police that she had cut herself. She had done this in the woods and later walked to the trail where two witnesses saw her.

The woman called UAPD and is not affiliated with the university, Crain said. UAPD has not classified this as an attempted suicide at this time.

Sophomores Logan Lind and Alexander Link were walking on the trail when they came across the woman leaning on a lamppost, Lind said.

“As we got closer I noticed she had a knife in her right hand and blood on her shoe,” Lind said. “When I came up to her, I didn’t see she was wounded. I just saw blood.”

Lind walked to the other side of the woman and noticed a gash in her neck, he said. He asked if the woman was okay and she said, “No, I’m not.”

Lind did not have his phone with him, so Link called 911, Link said. He told the dispatcher that it appeared that the woman looked like she attempted suicide and that paramedics were needed quickly.

“I was like, ‘We need police and paramedics here as soon as we can,’ because there was blood everywhere, and she was going to die,” Link said. “And so the guy on the phone said, ‘Y’all need to stay on the scene. Just maintain distance from her. Don’t come in contact with her because she’s armed.’”

The police needed to know their location, so Lind went to find out while Link talked to the police, he said.

“She was like lighting a cigarette whenever we were calling,” Lind said. “Then I ran to go get the street sign, or get the trail sign, to let the police know where we were.”

While Lind was looking for a sign, Link stayed on the phone with the dispatcher and on the scene with the woman, he said.

“When he ran off, I was still on the phone with them. The lady started slitting her neck even more, like repeatedly,” Link said. “And I just watched that whole thing, which was really sh**ty to watch.”

Once police arrived to the scene, they began administering first aid, Lind said.

“Then she started fading, and they started yelling at her to stay awake,” Lind said.

Link and Lind were told to stay on the scene until paramedics, who arrived in five minutes, could treat her, Link said. He also heard paramedics telling the woman to stay awake, he said.

The woman was still conscious and taken to the ambulance on a gurney, Lind said. After that, the police asked them to give their accounts on what happened.  

The police recorded what the woman told them on the phone after being treated at the hospital, Crain said. They will follow-up with her later for more information.

The woman was found with a Texas driver’s license. Police are uncertain why she had done this to herself and what she was doing in that area, Crain said.


Tegan Shockley is a staff reporter for the Arkansas Traveler, where she has been a staff reporter since 2017.

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