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Active COVID-19 cases on the UA campus Wednesday totaled 70, up 8 from the 62 reported Monday. 

Of the active cases, 53 are students, nine are staff, three are faculty and three are labeled as others, which includes on-campus vendors, contractors or other non-university employees, according to the UA COVID-19 Dashboard

The dashboard lists 18 new positive cases and 10 new recoveries between the reporting periods ending Jan. 31 and Feb. 2, plus any resolved tests that were previously pending. There was a 96.9 % availability of on-campus quarantine and isolation space as of Wednesday. 

During the reporting period of Aug. 10 to Jan. 31, UA health officials administered 29,283 COVID-19 tests on campus. Of those tests, 1,305 yielded positive results, bringing the average positivity rate to 4.5%. 

While some university employees have received the vaccine on campus, other eligible Arkansans received the vaccine at community pharmacies or clinics around the state.    

As of Wednesday, 519,225 doses of the vaccine have been received by Arkansas hospitals, state long-term care facilities or other health providers since Dec. 14, of which 61% have been given, according to the ADH. A total of 49,400 doses have been allocated to pharmacies and long term care facilities through federal programs since Dec. 28, of which 35.5% have been administered.  

Amid statewide vaccine distribution, state health officials reported 16,533 confirmed and probable cases Wednesday, up 202 from Monday, according to the ADH. The cumulative total of COVID-19 cases in Arkansas reached 300,430, while the cumulative total deaths reached 4,985, up 46 from Tuesday.

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