School of Social Work Demolition

A bulldozer and other construction vehicles sit outside the School of Social Work on Sept. 18. Demolition of the building began Sept. 16.

Workers began demolition of the School of Social Work on Sept. 16 and expect the project to last through mid-October, a UA Facilities Management official said.

The first phase of the demolition, which includes stripping the façade of the building, is projected to last approximately three weeks, said Breanna Lacy, communications coordinator for Facilities Management.

The second phase of demolition, the destruction of the building, will begin in early October and will take approximately two weeks, Lacy said.

Aside from noise and visual impacts like fencing and construction equipment, the project is unlikely to disrupt students, Lacy said.

“There is the possibility for an occasional outage, but we will do everything possible to limit those to after-hours or weekends so as not to disrupt class,” Lacy said.

A fence surrounding the site will protect students while the construction is ongoing, and Facilities Management staff do not plan to close any major sidewalks, Lacy said. They have spoken to building executives throughout the process to make necessary accommodations.

Lacy thinks the construction of the new Student Success Center, which will open in 2022, is an exciting project that will benefit students long-term, she said.

“We’re looking forward to this phase of growth and ask that the campus community be patient with us and use extra caution in the area as the construction takes place.”

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