Man Photographed at Nationalist Rally Not UA Assistant Professor

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The UofA issued a response today clarifying that the man who appeared in a photo online wearing a UA Engineering shirt at a white supremacist rally in Virginia is not a UA assistant professor.

“We have verified that the man in the photo is not assistant professor (Kyle) Quinn,” officials said in a statement via Twitter.

UA Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz also spoke out against the participant in a tweet.

“Diversity & inclusion are @Uarkansas values,” Steinmetz said in his tweet. “Not this. We value free speech but condemn hatred, violence & white supremacy. #Charlottesville.”

The man in the photo has not been identified, but Steve Voorhies, manager of UA Media Relations, can confirm that no engineering faculty member took place in the demonstration, Voorhies said.

“Fostering an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion is a top priority at the UofA, and this image is not a reflection of our university’s values,” Voorhies said in an email.

The UA College of Engineering posted a statement on its Facebook page condemning “racism and bigotry in the strongest possible terms.”

The Facebook post also confirmed that no engineering faculty were involved in the protest.

"While we cannot control what someone buys or wears, we will stand strong on our values and will continue to support all students regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity," the Facebook post said.

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