Fayetteville officials are designing a roundabout to solve issues of congestion near Target and Grub’s Uptown at Fulbright Expressway, Shiloh Drive and Steele Boulevard.

Construction on the project will take approximately two years, said Chris Brown, city engineer for the city of Fayetteville.

Arkansas Department of Transportation officials must review the plans and issue a permit for construction before the $1.4 million project can begin, Brown said.

Brown thinks a roundabout is the best option because people waiting to make left turns cause traffic to back up, he said. The roundabout will allow drivers to continue on Shiloh Drive, go north to Steele Boulevard or enter Fulbright Expressway from that location.

The roundabout will be easier to maintain and less expensive because officials do not have to install traffic lights, Brown said.

The design team has to prove to ARDOT that the roundabout can accommodate larger vehicles, Brown said. While smaller cars can stay on the paved road, bigger cars will use a truck ramp that functions as a mountable curb so they can get around. The ramp is made of a different material, like stamped concrete, which is more difficult for small cars to drive on.

“Overall, we feel like roundabouts are a good option, and we want to look at those in multiple locations,” Brown said. 

Officials are considering roundabouts for other places, like 15th Street and Razorback Road, Porter Road interchange and Old Missouri and Zion Road, Brown said.

Tegan Shockley is a staff reporter for the Arkansas Traveler, where she has been a staff reporter since 2017.

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