Officials Add Speed-Tracking Sign to Garland Crosswalk

A new radar speed limit sign on Garland Avenue on Oct. 11 was recently placed in an effort to improve campus crosswalk safety.

UA Facilities Management officials recently implemented a radar speed limit sign at a crosswalk near Futrall Hall on Garland Avenue in an effort to improve crosswalk safety on campus.

The sign displays how fast drivers are going. Officials chose this area to place the sign because its 25 mile-per-hour speed limit is higher than those of other roads on campus, said Breanna Lacy, communications coordinator for facilities management.

While this implementation is unique to Garland, it is not the first of Facilities Management’s crosswalk safety initiatives, Lacy said.

Facilities Management officials look at the most congested areas of campus when determining how to make the UofA a safer place for drivers and pedestrians, Lacy said. These areas include Garland Avenue, Maple Street and Arkansas Avenue, as well as the streets surrounding the Walton College of Business and the Chi Omega Greek Theater.

“On Arkansas Avenue, if you go through that, you’ll notice the crosswalks are actually bricks,” Lacy said. “We put those in because they’re different, and different kind of catches attention.” 

There are several factors to be considered before officials decide whether to place more radar speed limit signs on other campus crosswalks, including traffic flow and disruption, Lacy said.

“I’m not going to say that it won’t happen … but I don’t know of any definite plans,” Lacy said.

Though the sign is near the crosswalk where a student was struck and killed in February, it was not placed in response to that incident, but rather as a preemptive safety measure, Lacy said.

“We don’t act reactively. We’re very proactive, so we won’t do anything as a result of something,” Lacy said. “We will look at what we have in place and see if there’s room for improvement, but I can’t say that the (sign) is a direct response to the death.”

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