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As of Friday, active cases of COVID-19 on the UA campus have dropped to 722.

There were 128 positive cases reported for Sept. 9-10, bringing the campuses cumulative total to 1,333. Of those, 57 tests were positive from on-campus testing, according to the UofA COVID-19 dashboard. Of the remaining positives, 71 were self-reported to UA Emergency Management and none were reported by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Chancellor Steinmetz briefly addressed the growing numbers and reminded students of the importance of contact tracer phone calls in an email Wednesday afternoon. Contract tracers from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences will only attempt to reach someone three times, before turning the case over to the university, Steinmetz said. The tracers will most often call from either (501) 214-2410 or (501) 686-5875.

Steinmetz also added how the infection rate among faculty, staff and graduate students is low and that testing data suggests off-campus gatherings are to blame for the majority of positive cases. UA Interim Provost Charles Robinson announced new efforts to discipline students for large gatherings and for not practicing social distancing in an email Friday. Any off-campus student gatherings without safety measures will be treated as Code of Student Life violations.

Of the 722 active cases, 712 are students and two are graduate assistants. There are currently six staff members and two faculty members included in the active cases, according to the dashboard.

There have been 4,324 people tested on campus, with 545 positive results, for a positivity rate of 12.9%. There are 86 pending test results from on campus testing, according to the dashboard.

The WHO’s coronavirus guidelines recommend a positivity rate of no more than 5% before localities reopen. Arkansas is currently in the second of three stages of economic reopening.

Abbi Ross is the Editor in Chief of the Arkansas Traveler, where she previously worked as senior staff reporter.

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