Campus police have a training course available on how to be proactive in the face of potential campus violence.

The University of Arkansas Police Department is offering a Preventing Campus Violence course for university students, faculty and staff to learn about how to take action if an active shooter were on campus. The next scheduled course is from 9 - 10:30 a.m. Oct. 25 in the Administration Building, room 429.

“There is a difference between being aware and being prepared,” Capt. Matt Mills said. “Most people are aware a situation can occur, but we want people to be prepared for it.”

Mills, who also serves as the head of emergency management, is in charge of scheduling and offering the course which focuses on responding proactively to an active shooter.

The course takes around an hour and a half to complete in-person and will soon be offered online for members of the university community to complete, Mills said.

Some students enjoy knowing the option for such training is available, as dangerous situations are a growing concern for academic campuses across the U.S.

“I think if it (the course) was mandated for everyone, then it would cause a lot of anxiety, but having that resource available for those who are interested is nice,” senior David Zweig said. “I lived in New Zealand and Germany for three years and felt completely isolated from any risk of gun violence in those places. When I came back and started taking classes at Arkansas, I found I had a lot of thoughts about active shooter situations… So now that I know a training course exists, I can’t say if I’ll sign up for it or not, but I’m glad that I have that option.”

The course that is now available to the entire campus community began on a smaller scale and has grown due to initial interest.

“Human Resources asked me to create a course for their Supervisor Development Program,” Mills said. “Students in the class liked the program so we offered it on a wider scale.”

Those interested in taking the course can also contact Mills directly at

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