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Active COVID-19 cases on the UA campus have plateaued after a downward trend the last few weeks. The level numbers follow a spike in cases early in the fall semester.

Active cases on campus remained at 68 on Wednesday, the same amount reported on Monday. 63 were students and five were staff members, according to the UofA COVID-19 dashboard.

From Sept. 28-29, there were 13 new cases reported, according to the data summary on the UofA COVID-19 dashboard. In addition to nine self-reported cases, on-campus testing reported four new cases to the UA Emergency Management. None were reported from the Arkansas Department of Health.

17 new cases were reported on Wednesday in addition to 12 new recoveries, according to the UofA COVID-19 dashboard. The data summary spreadsheet, available for download on the UofA dashboard, shows a difference in numbers, reporting 13 new cases.

There have been 1,585 recoveries since Aug. 1, according to the dashboard. The availability of quarantine and isolation space for on-campus students is at 91.4%.

Chancellor Steinmetz addressed the declining case numbers in an email on Wednesday, encouraging students to get tested after coming in contact with a positive case, taking the health of themselves and others into consideration.

“My concern is that we continue to hear anecdotal stories that people are still resistant to being tested, even when they have reason to believe they have been in direct contact with someone who is positive,” Steinmetz said. “As such, I fear that we could have more cases than are being documented and that this is putting people in our community at greater risk of infection.”

Students can arrange a test on campus by calling Pat Walker Health Center, which has virtually no wait time and the capacity to do more testing, Steinmetz said.

“I understand that testing positive is, at best, an imposition with the temporary quarantine requirements, especially if you are asymptomatic and can’t see a pressing reason to be tested,” Steinmetz said. “I urge you, however, to also consider your health and the health of everyone you come into contact with.”

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