UAPD officers collected and disposed of more than 20 pounds of drugs, some outdated, others unwanted, as part of its biannual National Drug Takeback Day on Oct. 26 in partnership with the Arkansas National Guard and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Cpl. Allen Porter, head of UAPD community outreach and involvement, oversaw the drive-through disposal station at the Administrative Services Building, where community members anonymously disposed of unwanted and expired drugs, as well as drug paraphernalia such as used needles, Porter said.

Within the past six months UAPD has collected over 70 pounds of unwanted drugs and paraphernalia, Porter said. The event last Saturday collected more drugs than any previous events, Porter said. 

Though the majority of drugs dropped off at the event are over-the-counter or prescription drugs, UAPD would also accept any type of unwanted drugs with no questions asked, Porter said.

An even mix of faculty members and students dropped off drugs, which UAPD employees  collected and weighed before packaging them to be sent to the DEA, Porter said.

Porter thinks people keep outdated drugs because they are not sure how to dispose of them, he said.

Porter did not have specific information about the type of drugs collected, he said.

“Since it is anonymous and there is a sense of amnesty, I do not look at the drugs, I do not look at the names and we don’t collect any personal information,” Porter said.

Porter encourages people to reach out to UAPD at any time if they wish to dispose of any unwanted drugs or paraphernalia. People may use the dropbox located in the Administrative Services Building for anonymous drop-offs.

Nathanael Davis is a staff reporter for The Arkansas Traveler.

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