As a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the Arkansas Razorbacks, I have learned to take wins where I can get them. Even if they are not pretty, a win is a win.

Sunday night, the Cowboys beat the New York Giants 36-31 to get their first win over the Giants in AT&T Stadium.

Normally I would be more than happy with this and to a certain extent I am. However, when the opposition turns the ball over six times, a five point win isn’t really all that impressive.

While it’s really disappointing that the offense didn’t do a good job of capitalizing on the turnovers, the defense was at least forcing turnovers.

Three of the turnovers by the Giants were interceptions and one of them was returned for a touchdown.

In all of last season, the Cowboys only had seven interceptions. Whether the defense can keep this up is something that only time will tell.

Saturday night, Arkansas beat Samford 31-21. The Bulldogs weren’t even supposed to have a chance in this game, but at one point, they led 21-17.

One of the big problems for the Razorbacks is that they probably should not have given up 21 points to Samford. However, Arkansas did have three defensive starters out of the game and the Razorbacks don’t have a lot of depth on defense.

Safety Rohan Gaines and defensive end Trey Flowers were out with injuries and linebacker Jarrett Lake was suspended for the game.

The real problem seemed to be the inability to get the passing game going and how that affected the balance of the offense.

Last week, the Razorbacks had 292 rushing yards and 230 passing yards.

This week, Arkansas had 333 rushing yards and only 125 passing yards.

In the first half, quarterback Brandon Allen was 7-10 for 101 yards and two touchdowns and the Razorbacks had gained 128 yards on the ground.

In the third quarter, Allen attempted seven passes and only two of them were completed for 24 yards and he did not attempt a single pass in the fourth quarter.

Arkansas picked up 205 yards on the ground in the second half.

The good thing that can be taken away from this game is that the Hogs did get the victory. Last year, after the Bulldogs took the lead, everything probably falls apart and Arkansas loses.

However, for the Razorbacks to be competitive against better competition they need to put up balanced numbers like they did last week against Louisiana. If the Razorbacks can’t pose a threat through the air, there won’t be near as many holes for Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams.

Right now the Razorbacks and the Cowboys don’t have any marks in the loss column and in the grand scheme of things, despite all of the bad and the ugly, that one good thing is what really matters.


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