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On-campus COVID-19 infections at the UofA increased by 100 over the weekend, as Arkansas broke its record for most new cases reported in a single-day for the second Friday in a row.

There were 334 active cases reported on campus Monday, a decrease of 589 in a week. Of those, 329 were students, one was a graduate assistant, one was a faculty member and three were staff.

Total on-campus cases increased by 100 between Friday and Sunday. Of those cases, 25 were identified through on-campus testing, and 75 were self-reported.

Of the 4,576 tests performed on campus, 571 have been positive, for a positivity rate of 15%. There are currently 201 pending tests, according to the university’s dashboard. The World Health Organization recommends that localities see a positive rate of 5% or less for at least 14 days before reopening, according to the WHO. Arkansas is currently in the second of three phases of economic reopening.

While active cases on the UA campus have decreased in the last two updates, statewide cases have broken records again.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced 1,107 new cases, the state’s highest-ever single-day increase, at the last daily press conference on Friday. Hutchinson announced his plan to cease the daily updates last week and to switch to a weekly update format instead, with daily ones as needed.

Washington County reported 662 total active cases and 8,061 cumulative cases Monday, and Benton County reported 269 active cases and 5,806 cumulative cases. Active cases decreased by 113 in Washington County and by 59 in Benton County in a week. Cumulative cases increased by 395 and 161, respectively.

The Arkansas Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard now shows probable cumulative, active and recovered cases, as well as probable deaths. The probable cases are being determined by antigen tests.

The ADH announced 65,727 cumulative COVID-19 cases in Arkansas on Monday, an increase of 399 in a day and 3,722 in a week. Active cases fell to 5,719 from 5,827 on Sunday. Active cases fell by 343 over the course of a week.

There were 378 patients hospitalized Monday, up by five in a day but down by 21 in a week. Statewide, 76 patients were on ventilators, down 4 in a day and up by two in a week, according to the ADH.

In total, 62,470 people had recovered by Monday, an increase of 497 from Sunday and 3,713 in a week. Total deaths rose by 10 in a day and by 78 in a week, for a total of 986 on Monday.

Abbi Ross is the Editor in Chief of the Arkansas Traveler, where she previously worked as senior staff reporter.

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