New Beginnings

UA Facilities Management workers cleared the land off of 19th Street to prepare for groundbreaking on the New Beginnings Community project, which will be April 12. As many as 80 people camped on the property until UAPD officers ordered them to leave Nov. 6, 2018.

The groundbreaking for the New Beginnings Community project, which will provide temporary housing and other resources for Fayetteville’s homeless population, will take place April 12.

Serve Northwest Arkansas, an organization that serves underprivileged communities in NWA, is creating a low-cost and self-managed BRIDGE Housing community. The community would improve the conditions of homeless people in the area, according to Serve NWA’s website.

The community will house up to 20 people and will have no prerequisites to enter, said Kevin Fitzpatrick, board vice president and UA sociology professor.

New Beginning residents will have access to a personal mailbox, wireless internet, laundry services, a pantry and will be able to keep pets while staying there, Fitzpatrick said. There is no set day for residents to leave the community after they join.

“Our goal is to get them on a pathway to more permanent housing. There’s no formula for that,” Fitzpatrick said. “One person could need 45 days while another needs 145.”

Construction bids for the shelters will begin after the groundbreaking at East 19th Street at noon. An exact date for bidding to begin has not been finalized.

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