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Suicidal Person Surrenders to Fayetteville Police

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A suicidal person surrendered voluntarily to Fayetteville Police Department officers who surrounded Whit Creek Apartments on Monday night, a Fayetteville police sergeant said.

The standoff lasted around three hours and diverted traffic on Cleveland Street where the apartment building is located.

No one was harmed or arrested, and the subject is receiving help, said FPD Sgt. Anthony Murphy.

“It ended as well as it could have. She didn’t hurt herself, we didn’t have to use force or break anything,” FPD Sgt. Bain Potter said.

Two firetrucks, an Emergency Response Team van, more than 10 police cruisers and several unmarked police vehicles surrounded the complex around 5:45 p.m. Armed officers in dark green uniforms, heavy body armor and helmets waited behind police cruisers, watching the doorway of one of the first floor apartments, where the suicidal person and one other person refused to come out.

Many residents evacuated when the standoff began, but some stood on their balconies on the second floor.

“I was about to take my dog out and suddenly there was an officer at my door with an assault rifle asking me to evacuate,” said Chad Kelly, a Whit Creek resident.

Zach Spalding, who lives in the apartment complex across from Whit Creek, has heard loud fights from the parking lot in the past, but those had never led to police intervention, he said.

Grant Lancaster is the Digital Managing Editor of the Arkansas Traveler. Grant began work at the Traveler as a reporter in 2017 and went on to work as a senior staff reporter and news editor from 2018-2019.

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