The UofA signed documents to officially become partners with the Knowledge Is Power Program schools April 11, said the manager of media relations.

This partnership will provide UA students in the College of Education and Health Professions with the chance to learn and possibly teach at KIPP schools, said Steve Voorhies, manager of Media Relations. In return, KIPP students will be provided with scholarships and student support services, such as tutoring at the UofA.

“It’s in line with our other efforts to increase diversity on campus, but also to help bring students from underrepresented populations to the campus,” Voorhies said. “An important part of this is not just getting them to campus, but providing them the support to succeed and graduate.”

The UofA plans to enroll five to seven KIPP graduates in the coming academic year, according to a news release. A grant from the Walton Family Foundation will allow the university to give full scholarships to six qualifying students.

The UofA is one of 46 colleges across the nation to join the growing charter school in a partnership, according to the KIPP website. Other schools include Texas A&M, Vanderbilt University, Duke University and Kansas State University.

This year, there are three KIPP students from the Arkansas Delta enrolled at the UofA even though 14 were accepted, according to a story published in The Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

KIPP Delta began in 2002 in Helena, Ark. with a fifth grade class and has grown to become four schools across Helena and Blythville, according to the KIPP Delta website.

KIPP middle schools are improving students’ test scores with the greatest improvement  coming in math with an increase of 14 percentage points, according to a survey from Mathmatica Policy Research.

The KIPP Delta webpage shows KIPP schools were at or above the level of the average Arkansas student in most of the benchmark tests administered in 2013.

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