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More than 5,400 students voted in the 2020 Associated Student Government general election March 2-4, approving senators from five of the six undergraduate colleges and an amendment to the ASG Constitution.

Voter turnout decreased by about 340 students compared to the 2019 general election. The ASG Judiciary released the election results for senate and Referendum Item 1 on March 6 on the ASG website.

Voters approved Referendum Item 1, the only referendum on the ballot this year, which proposed an amendment to the ASG Constitution to create a Membership Development Coordinator position within ASG.

The referendum item passed with 3,618 “yes” votes and 277 “no” votes, while 438 students selected “Prefer Not to Respond,” which factored into the total vote count, and 1,065 students opted to skip the question, which did not factor into the total vote count.

Sitting ASG President Jared Pinkerton is one of eight co-authors of the referendum. Pinkerton is excited to see the referendum pass and to fulfill his campaign promise of reforming the student government for the better, he said.

“This is one of the final (initiatives) we’re doing this year that will allow us to better serve the student body,” Pinkerton said, “and I’m thrilled that the student body has voted for this constitutional change that’s going to allow us to do a whole lot more.”

In addition to the referendum, voters elected 38 students to represent them in the ASG Senate.

Students elected four senators from the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural Food and Life Sciences, 13 senators from the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and seven senators from the College of Engineering, filling all of the available seats for those colleges.

Students elected five senators from the College of Education and Health Professions out of eight available seats, and nine senators from the Sam Walton College of Business out of 12 available seats.

No students from the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design ran for senate.

The remaining seats will be filled as an at-large seat during the Fall 2020 ASG Vacancy Election, according to the ASG Judiciary.

Full election results and details are listed on the ASG website.

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