Midterms are tomorrow, and not the highly-caffeinated, 24/7-preparation kind that students endure twice a year. These midterms have been exhaustively advertised with dog-eat-dog Cotton vs. Pryor and Hutchison vs. Ross commercials, and they will end after tomorrow’s election night.

President Obama has maintained a democratic majority in the house and senate during his terms, but recent numbers show millennials prefer a republican majority in congress.

For young adults between the ages of 18-29, 51 percent were in favor of a republican controlled congress while 47 percent preferred a democratic controlled congress, according to recent poll numbers from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

This data could resonate with UA voters, meaning Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchison could have millennials on their side.

Junior Timneshia Harris said she considers herself democratic with her views and did not vote for Cotton, but voted for Hutchison because of his values with education.

This year the ballot has five issues including two key amendments that could increase the minimum wage from $6.25 to $8.50 per hour by 2017 and legalize the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol statewide – making dry counties the stuff of legend.

“Everyone still needs booze,” Senior Amber Pham said.

Liquor stores surrounded by dry counties are concerned their businesses will be jeopardized if the alcohol amendment is passed.

“People are going to get it anyways, they shouldn’t have to travel 30 minutes to pick up alcohol,” Harris said.

Harris has worked in retail since she was 16 and still gets minimum wage.  She is for raising the minimum wage because it would alleviate the stress that comes along with bill payment deadlines.

However some students feel differently.

“I think people will lose jobs, because companies won’t want to spend more money” if the minimum wage were to increase, Sophomore John Lenderman said.

Today is the last day for early voting across Arkansas.


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