In college, there’s a tendency to become blocked off from “real” news. After all, we do live in a sort of bubble which consists primarily of concerns over midterms, parties, football, and alcohol. It’s easy to focus in on these things, as they are exciting and often times new for a good majority of the campus, but it’s important to remember that there are bigger things happening outside of the University of Arkansas- always.

Walk by any sizable group of people and you’ll hear about plans for Saturday as early as Tuesday, but rarely will you hear about the real scandals that have been plaguing our nation for months on end, or the implications for our future in the United States of America. In the weeks I’ve been here I’ve heard 100x more about a famous “porn star” on campus than Bradley Manning getting a 35 year sentence in military prison, warrantless wiretapping by the NSA, Edward Snowden, or the impending NATO strikes against Syria which will kill tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

The controversy surrounding one of our newest Fayetteville residents may be interesting to talk about around the water cooler, but personally I think it pales in comparison to the 6,561 child victims (United Nations) of the Syrian Civil War, don’t you think?

I’m not saying to shun any aspect of the college experience to devote yourself to raising wells in an obscure African nation, but what I am saying is that it’s important to realize there is a world outside of Razorback Athletics. Keep up with your favorite players, marvel at their amazing athleticism and the pride that they bring to not only this university, but to this state, but don’t forget the rest of the world.

It’s definitely not cool to have no idea who Bashar Al-Assad is, while knowing how fast the Razorback waterboy can run his 40 or where the best alley is to urinate on Dixon without being seen by the cops.

Colleges used to be the center for political awareness and protests, but now in a way it has become a form of extended adolescence. During the Vietnam War there were throngs of protests across the nation, and that was only one war. In the year 2013, the United States is now currently involved in military incursions in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, all of which involve U.S security forces.

Again, I’m not saying to disavow the perks of being a college student, just to recognize that there’s an entire world beyond the U of A that should be taken note of.



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