Coronavirus graphic oct. 8

COVID-19 cases on the UA campus reached a plateau, remaining at 33 active cases as of Oct. 7.

COVID-19 cases on the UA campus have decreased substantially after an initial spike, falling to 33 active cases reported Wednesday.

Of the active cases, 33 are students and one is a staff member, according to the UofA’s COVID-19 dashboard.

There were six new cases and six new recovered cases reported Oct. 5-6, according to the dashboard. Out of the total positive cases on campus, two of those were self-reported, and four were tested on campus.

The decline followed 63 active cases recorded by the UA Pat Walker Health Center on Sept. 30.

On-campus numbers peaked the week of Aug. 31 with an average of 764 active cases. Since then, active cases have trended downward with an average of 53 active cases this past week.

Since the beginning of the semester, 8,359 tests have been administered on campus, with 705 tests yielding positive results. Of those tests, 40 are currently pending.

According to the dashboard, 92.2% of the on-campus quarantine and isolation dorms are available.

While the UA campus has seen a decrease in active cases, statewide cases continue to fluctuate. There were 684 new cases reported on Tuesday, bringing the confirmed active cases total to 5,908, according to the Arkansas Department of Health. The confirmed state death toll is at 1,337. There have been 84,914 cases reported across Arkansas. 

Students and faculty are able to be tested on campus at Pat Walker Health Center five days a week.

Pat Walker advises students and faculty to continue following the COVID-19 safety guidelines of wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing.

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