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Associated Student Government senators passed three bills and four resolutions Tuesday at the final legislative session of the semester.

Forty-three senators voted yes on Senate Bill No. 22, which proposes an annual demographic survey of all ASG members, and one voted “no.”

Forty-three senators voted yes on Senate Bill No. 21, which proposes updates to the ASG Code with regard to elections, appointments, dismissals and budget submissions, and one senator voted no.

Forty-three senators voted yes on Senate Resolution No. 24, which supports the creation of a “How To Be At UARK” living Google Document, and one senator voted no.

The document will serve as an interactive guide to college success, which all students will be able to access and contribute to by suggesting additions.

Thirty-seven senators voted yes on Senate Resolution No. 25, which supports adding the Palestine and Holy See flags to the International Connections Lounge in the Arkansas Union, and seven senators voted no. The Holy See is the governing body of the Catholic Church based in the Vatican City, according to the U.S. Department of State.

Forty-one senators voted yes on Senate Resolution No. 26, which supports renovations to the Arkansas Union Mall and David W. Mullins Library exterior, and three senators voted no.

Facilities Management officials estimated the Quad residence hall renovations alone to cost $8 million, and they do not currently have money for the project, said Sen. Collin Petigna, author of the resolution.

Forty senators voted yes on Senate Bill No. 20, which allocates $1,700 for the resodding and remodeling of Humphreys Hall lawn, three senators voted no and one senator abstained.

Sen. Andrew O’Neil proposed Senate Resolution No. 27, which supports renovations to the Donna Axum Fitness Center and the second floor of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation building.

Senators will vote on Senate Resolution No. 27 by acclamation Tuesday at a dinner meeting. There is no formal meeting agenda.

In his final address to the senate, ASG President J.P. Gairhan reflected on the successes the organization has seen this year and urged senators to keep pursuing constructive change.

“As our time this academic year comes to a close, it is with great pride and assurance that I tell you today that the state of the students is strong,” Gairhan said.

Gairhan is proud of the strides the organization made toward empowering every voice on campus by increasing voter turnout and promoting student engagement in legislation, he said.

“I do believe that our collective efforts as an organization have caused students to take notice,” Gairhan said. “This election was the largest election in the history of the (UofA). Our candidates reached students and empowered new constituencies in a manner that I have never seen or known of in my time as a student.”

This year, 5,773 students voted in the ASG general election, compared to 4,935 students in 2018.

ASG members also asked students to vote on Referendum Item No. 1, which proposed a 2.5% increase per year in the student activity fee over five years, Gairhan said.

Of the 5,766 students who voted on Referendum Item No. 1, 2,934 students voted in favor.

Gairhan and President-elect Jared Pinkerton will propose the fee increase to the UA System Board of Trustees in May, Gairhan said.


Katelyn Duby is a news editor for the Arkansas Traveler, where she previously worked as a reporter in 2018 and a senior staff reporter in 2019.

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